Time is such a precious commodity and I'm feeling the pinch a wee bit. The numbers of prayers coming in each week is growing just as the Circle of Prayer itself is growing, thanks be to God. I've decided to ask you to say the covering prayer for all those who send in their prayer requests as it was taking so long to place shortened requests here. I really am sorry but hope you understand. Here's the covering prayers with a short list of general intentions below. The Lord knows the cry from every heart and hears all the prayers. Meanwhile please check out the Prayer Book for all the prayer requests just as they come in. Some are time-specific for a special day.

"Father, bless all those who have requested prayers in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day! Father, we ask You to heal the broken bodies, broken minds, broken spirits, broken hearts and broken marriages and may all their lives be full of Your peace, prosperity, and power as they seek to have a close relationship with You. Amen."

"Thank You Jesus for answering our prayers because we know You hear every prayer and never refuse to answer. You are providing
answers and healings from the prayers of all these wonderful people. Praise God!"

Weekly Prayer Intentions

For all those who have sent in prayer requests since the Circle of Prayer started.

Let the Lord's Peace and forgiveness reign in all hearts especially the hearts of the leaders and decision makers.

For all families that they will place the Lord in the centre of their homes and their hearts and that peace and happiness reigns.

For all our prayer friends, with each one's needs, hopes and dreams

For our national leaders that their decisions will be Christian decisions

For our church leaders that they will be true and honest shepherds

For our health care workers that no decision or treatment of theirs will ever damage life from its very beginning to its natural end

For our leaders in the business world that integrity and honesty will prevail

For world peace and international forgiveness

For all those who are in pain or dying today

For all those who are in sin and hurting others today

For all those who are lost, lonely or low in mind, body or spirit

Lord in Your Mercy hear our prayers, in faith we know You will answer.

God Bless till next week,


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