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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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The Lady of All NationsPray before the Cross:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.”

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January 3, 1946

Fight in England and Europe

I hear that voice say,

“England, be on your guard!”

Then I see England and in England a large church. I am given to understand: Westminster Abbey. Then I see a bishop; he is not of our Church. I am given to understand: that is a bishop of England. After this I see the Pope sitting before me; he looks very serious. Then I see that bishop again––this has to do with England. The Lady points out England to me, and then I see the word ‘Fight’ above the head of that bishop. A strange feeling overcomes me; it is as if everything within me were to change––I cannot explain how. I suddenly look up to my left and see the Lady again. She is dressed all in white, standing slightly above me. She is pointing something out to me. I look and I see England lying before me once more. The Lady says to me,

“There will be a fight all over Europe and beyond.”

A heavy, paralysing feeling and a great spiritual weariness take hold of me. The Lady says,

“It is a heavy spiritual fight.”

Look at the Cross

Then the Lady says to me,


and she points at my hand. It is as if a Cross were placed in it. Now the Lady indicates what I should do. I move the hand with the Cross in it over the earth, and I have to let the Cross be seen. Then the Lady says to me,

“Yes, look at that Cross.”

I do so and as I am looking, the Cross leaves my hand and I make a fist. I must look at that too. Then the Lady says,

“Now look at the Cross again.”

And the Cross is again lying in my hand. Then the Lady moves her finger to and fro in warning and says,

“That Cross they want to change into other crosses.”

Now I see several things whirling around before my eyes: communism and a new kind of movement that will arise, a combination of the swastika and communism.


The Lady says,

“The Christians will become weary, because of all the fighting.”

She emphasizes the word ‘weary’, and I feel a spiritual weariness coming over me.

The Lady points at something in front of me and then I see a stretch of sand, a desert. A pulpit is placed in it. Then that pulpit disappears again and for a moment I see that desert before me again. I hear a voice calling something in a foreign language of former times. This repeats itself a few times before my eyes, very quickly.

Then the Lady points out something again, and I see the Vatican. It is as though it were spinning around in the midst of the world. In the Vatican I see the Pope with his head raised and two fingers uplifted. He is looking ahead seriously. Then I beat my breast three times.

Joan of Arc

Next I suddenly see someone on horseback, in full armour. When I ask who it is, I am told: Jeanne d’Arc.[1]

All of a sudden I see a big cathedral rising up behind her. I ask what church it is and I hear within me: that is the Cathedral of Rheims. Then I see a procession going in the direction of that church. It is a procession of former times with someone on horseback. He is carrying a shield and a sword, and is surrounded by shield-bearers. I hear: Bourbon. I get the feeling: that is for later on.

Truth, love of neighbour, and righteousness

After that I have to look into my hands, and I represent humanity. “They are empty”, I tell the Lady. She is watching and then I must join them, while I look up at her. The Lady smiles at me. It is as though she moves down a step, and she says,


Then it is as if I were going with her across the world. Suddenly a terrible tiredness comes over me, and I tell the Lady, “I am so tired, so hopelessly tired.” I feel that way throughout my entire body. But the Lady takes me along further and further.

Then I look ahead of me and see the word ‚Truth’ written in very large letters. I read it aloud and then we continue again. The Lady shakes her head. She looks very serious and sad and says to me,

“Do you see love of neighbour?”

I look again into my hands and say, “Those hands are empty.” She takes me by the hand again and we go on. As I see an unending emptiness before me, I hear the Lady ask,

“Righteousness, justice, where are these?”


Then once more I see the Cross standing in the midst of the world, and the Lady points at it. I have to take it up, but I turn my head away. It is as if I were humanity and would throw the Cross away from me.

“No,” says the Lady,

“that must be taken up and placed in the centre. There will be a certain category of people who will fight, will fight for this, and I shall lead them on to it.”

As she says this, a terrible pain seizes my whole body, such that I groan and say to the Lady, “Oh, this is so painful!”

After that I hear a voice crying out very loudly, “Jericho!”

And the Lady has gone back to her place above me. She looks down, looks down at me and says,

“What I have told you must be made known. There will be no peace beforehand.”

Spiritual fight

After that I see the Pope before me again with quite a number of clerics and other gentlemen around him. “They seem to be in conference”, I say. They are having fierce discussions, and it sometimes seems that they are angry. The Lady says,

“This is the spiritual fight which is going about the world. This is much worse than the other, and the world is being undermined.”

Ego sum

Then I go, so to speak, across the world, and it is as if I burrow into the ground. It is as if I go further and further below the surface, passing through all kinds of tunnels. It suddenly comes to an end, and all at once I hear the words,

“I am here.”

Then I hear a voice saying,

“Ego sum”, [2] and then I softly say, “And the world is small.” After this the Lady says, pointing with her finger,

“Go and spread it.”

And all at once everything is gone.
[1] French for ‘Joan of Arc’.
[2] Latin for ‘I am’.

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