The 27th. Message of the Lady of All Nations
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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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The Lady of All NationsPray before the Cross:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.”

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27th MESSAGE [1]

February 11, 1951 Our Lady of Lourdes

The Lady, Mary, Mother of All Nations

I see a bright light and then I see the Lady standing before me. She says,

“I am the Lady, Mary, Mother of All Nations. You may say: The Lady of All Nations or Mother of All Nations, who once was Mary.
I come on this very day to tell you that this is who I wish to be. The people of all countries shall truly be one.”

Then, without saying anything, the Lady remains standing in her usual posture and is looking at me continuously. Then she says,

“The entire world is undergoing upheaval, but the worst thing is that the people of this world are being brought into upheaval.”

Then it is as if the Lady is walking along the globe and I see that the whole world is in confusion and entering into upheaval.

The Second Vatican Council

“I am bringing you here”,

says the Lady, and suddenly I am with her above Italy. I see the Vatican and then I enter St. Peter’s together with the Lady. We walk through the central passage and halt near the middle of St. Peter’s. On either side I see scaffolding, benches mounting up in tiers. Upon those benches I see many cardinals and bishops wearing white mitres. [2] The Lady says,

“Watch closely; these are the bishops of all countries.”

Now I see the Pope seated, wearing the tiara. He is sitting at the far end of the central passage. I see some clergy standing about him. In one hand he is holding a sceptre, and from the other he is raising two fingers in the well-known position. He has a large, thick book before of him. The Lady says,

“Listen carefully, child. Changes have already been made, and others are in progress. I, however, want to bring the Son’s message. The doctrine is right, but the laws can and must be changed. I want to tell you this on this very day, for the world is undergoing great upheaval––nobody knows in which direction. That is why the Son wants me to bring this message.”

The pains of the Cross

And now suddenly I am standing before a large Cross. While looking at it, I am seized with terrible pains. I get muscle cramps from head to foot. It is as if all the muscles in both of my arms are contracting, causing me to clench my fingers. It is as if my head is split asunder, and I get a feverish feeling as if my head would burst. All this together causes me to weep. I can bear it no longer and ask the Lady whether it might pass. Then she smiles. It lasts for another moment and then everything is gone. Then the Lady says to me,

“Let everyone come back to the Cross; only then can there be peace and tranquillity.”

The prayer is given

While I am still standing with the Lady before the Cross, she says, “Repeat after me.”

To me this is a little bit strange. I think to myself, “But I already repeat everything she says!” But suddenly I see the Lady become even more beautiful than she already was. The light which always surrounds her becomes much brighter and brilliant, such that I can hardly bear to look into it. She now raises and joins her hands, which she otherwise always holds down. Her face becomes so heavenly, so sublime; one simply cannot express it in words. Her figure grows even more translucent and so beautiful that I look at it in rapture. Then the Lady says,

“Pray before the Cross:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.”

The Lady says this prayer so beautifully and impressively––no one in the world could do it as she did. She stresses the word ‘now’ in ‘send now Your Spirit’ and ‘all’ in ‘Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations’. She also pronounces the word ‘Amen’ so beautifully and solemnly. While still standing in front of the Cross, I pray it, repeating the words the Lady recited to me. It is as if the words are imprinted in my mind. I now see them written in large letters.

The first and greatest commandment

The Lady continues,

“Child, this is so simple and short that everyone can say it in one’s own language, before one’s own crucifix; and those who have no crucifix say it to themselves. This is the message which I want to give this very day, for I am now coming to say that I want to save souls. All of you, cooperate in this great work for the world. If only every child of man would try to live up to this for oneself.”

And then the Lady raises a finger and says,

“Especially in the first and greatest commandment, Love.”

I now see this word written in large letters.

“Let them begin with that”,

the Lady says. Then I see a certain group of people; the Lady looks at them very compassionately and says,

“And then the little ones of this world will say: how can we begin with that? For it is the great ones who do this to us.”

The Lady says this very lovingly, as if she had great pity on the people around her. But then the Lady’s face changes, and she says very emphatically,

“And then I say to the little ones: if you practice Love among yourselves in all its refinement, even the great ones will not have a chance. Go to your crucifix and say what I recited to you, and the Son will answer it.”

The fight concerning the spirit

Then the Lady says to me,

“A great natural disaster will again take place.

The great ones of this world will always disagree with one another. People will seek here and there. Watch out for the false prophets. Seek and ask only for the true Holy Spirit. For it is now a war of ideas. The fight no longer concerns races and peoples; the fight concerns the spirit. Understand this well.”

The laws can be changed

Then the Lady folds her hands. I now see the Pope with cardinals and bishops. Then the Lady says, as if speaking to the Pope,

“You can save this world. I have said more than once: Rome has its chance. Seize the present moment. No church in the world is built-up like yours. But move with the times and insist upon your modern changes concerning religious, priests, seminarians, and so on and so forth. Keep an eye on that. Carry through with it to the smallest detail! The doctrine remains, but the laws can be changed. Let the people of this world benefit more from the Remembrance of my Son.”

Then the Lady says to me,

“I showed you in the dream how the practice of frequent communion can be carried through. This I tell you for the Netherlands and for all countries in which it is not so.”

Countries of Europe – America

“For Germany I want to say: they shall work hard, hard in this country to bring the people, who have strayed far, far away, back to this centre, the Cross. Priests are too few, but lay people are many. Conduct a great campaign among the laity to call them forward for this goal. Work here above all with great love and charity. The great ones of Germany shall help and not turn away from the Church. Deutschland jedoch liegt mir sehr am Herzen. Die Mutter Gottes weint über die Kinder Deutschlands. [3]

For France, Belgium, the Balkans and Austria, I say the following: do not let yourselves be brought to the wrong spirit.

For Italy I say: great ones of Italy, do you know your task?

To England I say: I will come back, England.

To America I say: do not push your politics too far; and seek the True Spirit. I am glad that America is better disposed to the faith at the moment.”

Africa - Asia - We are taking care of them

“For Africa I say: say that I would like to have a seminary there. I will help the Dominicans. Tell this to your spiritual director. [4]

Tell him also that the Son is content with his work and guidance. Tell him that he should be more courageous in carrying through with these matters. I only want to make use of you to carry through with the will of the Son in this time. Indeed, I want to ask you, child of man, to help people as much as possible. I shall give you strength and support for this. Your spiritual director is chosen for helping you in this work only. Everything else can stay as it is. He will understand me.

Further, I would like to say to all Eastern and Asian peoples, whether they know the Son or not: We are taking care of them.”

This time is Our time

Then the Lady points at the globe again and says,

“This time is Our time.

You, child, are only the instrument for passing these things on. You shall do this. Yes, there are enough proofs––in what I said today, too. Say that I wish to be: The Lady of All Nations.”
[1] The visionary received this message in Germany.
[2] Later, when the visionary saw pictures of the Second Vatican Council on television (1962-1965), she recognized them to be the images described here.
[3] “My heart is greatly concerned for Germany. The Mother of God weeps for the people of Germany.” Our Lady said these two sentences in German, rather than in Dutch.
[4] Fr. Frehe, the spiritual director of the visionary, belonged to the Dominican order. Some of his fellow Dominicans had asked him to pray for a Dominican seminary in Africa.

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