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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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The Lady of All NationsPray before the Cross:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now Your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war. May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.”

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Appendix III

A letter written by the visionary Ida Peerdeman to Fr. Frehe, her spiritual director, [1] concerning the message of May 31,

June 2, 1957

To my spiritual director,

May I tell you that I am unable to sleep and am continually thinking about the beautiful message of May 31st. I am afraid that you’ll find me sentimental, but I need and want to talk about it. I would like to tell everyone again and again how beautiful it all was. All my life I’ll never forget this, no matter how old I may get—something I no longer hope for anymore. I was so much attached to life and could get angry if someone said that he wanted to die. I thought it abnormal. But now, ... I don’t mind any longer, and to all people I would like to say, to call out, “Do not be afraid to die any more, because something so beautiful, so pure, so glorious awaits us all; it is impossible to describe it.” Don’t say, “That’s easy to say”, for I can now imagine the Apostle Paul saying, “No eye has seen and no ear has heard”. Please, believe me; in one word, it was ‘heavenly’—what the Lady of all Nations showed me, just for a moment, when she said, “Truly, it is worth the trouble to leave the world. After all, you all have to go to heaven!” Then it was as if she lifted a veil from my eyes, while she herself was standing in an infinite depth. She showed me that glory for just a moment, and then it was veiled again. But that moment was enough for me to say to you and all people: let’s try to get there, with God’s help.

I cannot stop thinking about it. But I am so afraid that, as life goes on again as usual, I’ll no longer be able to tell it well. You have to stand with both feet on the ground again. You know: family-life, showing concern, taking an interest in their concerns. Going to N., giving him all my attention, going out for a walk with him, etc., which then demands all of my attention.

At home there is also radio, television. I have always been fond of movies, and now that I’ve seen some plays, I find them nice, too. But I must admit to you, it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. But in a little while? You have to go on living and, in the eyes of others, act as if everything is normal again. That’s why I want to write down all of this for you in this night.

Everything began so beautifully. First I always see the light coming. But this time the light was very different. And it was as if I saw a radiant figure floating along in it. I should tell you that I was startled to death when that light came. For I was in an inner conflict as to whether I should obey you or the voice of the Lady, who had ordered me that day to act according to her wishes. She, the light, moved very slowly along the altar, and at the St. Joseph altar it was as if it halted for a moment. I found this most beautiful. This time it was also peculiar that now and then the Lady would move to different places, and also, she was standing closer to the front of the chapel than she did the first time. Now and then she came so close to me that once I was tempted to touch her, but I didn’t dare. That was when she was talking about something ‘para’. It was as if she clearly showed me that she really was a human being, like you and me, but then of course she is all purity and beauty. But I hope you understand me. Her body is also, I would say, translucent. She was so beautiful ... and her voice sounded so clear, and now and then she looked so sad, then compassionate again, and with a look of pity, just like a human being.

When Fr. K. caused a disturbance because he wanted people to get out of the way, the Lady raised herself to her full height, smiling at me as if she wanted to say, just let them quarrel, we’ll go on. She also made, if I may be so bold to say so, such an amusing face at it. Then the Lady began to speak much louder and clearer, which I seem to have imitated in repeating after her. This I was told later by a few of the gentlemen who had been present. Dear Father, I am so filled by it; please don’t think it wrong of me, and don’t think I’m exaggerating.

It was so peculiar, when she said, “Pray the prayer”—she herself started to pray it, very softly and very devoutly. O Father, if only people and especially priests would have been able to see this; it was so beautiful, how fervently and beautifully she prayed. But it was peculiar; she said, “May the Lady of All Nations who once was Mary be your Advocate. Amen.” I heard her say the word your, instead of our, and apparently this confused me. I am very sure that I repeated this, but a few people who had been standing near me said they did not hear it. It could be because I had to pray it very softly. They could hardly understand me, so I was told. When she said “your Advocate” she moved her head forward and looked very deeply into my eyes. Strange, isn’t it?

I have to tell you this also. When the Lady says “Lord Jesus Christ” … this is so beautiful ... she then bows her head very humbly and devoutly, I can really say—also when she speaks about ‘the Lord’. It touches you very deeply when you see it. And then you get the feeling that ‘the Lord’ is someone magnificent and mighty. And how humble the Lady is when she speaks about Him. How careless we are, when we pray, etc. I shall try to learn how to pray better and better, something I always ask for. Especially with attention, for it is an insult to run through it so carelessly. How patient the Lord must be to put up with us.

When the Lady pronounced the word ‘Paraclete’, I thought she meant some kind of clothes. I thought, what’s this, clothes that are para? And when she began saying, “He is the salt, He is the water ...”, I could not make head or tail of it, and thought, this is really very strange. I shook my head and made a face at the Lady—that I did not understand it (the people near me also noticed this). I wanted to make it clear to her, but surely I could not interrupt her words to say that now I couldn’t understand any of it, any at all. But suddenly the Lady smiled and made a funny face at me and a gesture with her hands into the distance—perhaps to the people around me—but it seemed to me more into the distance, as she said, “You know what the Lady means.”

But Father, it was such a beautiful sight to see how she said “He is the salt ...”; unfortunately, I am unable to describe it. If only I had the ability to write! But you’ll have to put up with my inadequate explanation, and I hope you won’t find it strange. The part about “free will” was also very peculiar. When the Lady said, “He pervaded the Lady of All Nations with His power ...”, it was as if the light coming out of her hands and surrounding her suddenly became much brighter. It was just as if a headlight (forgive the expression, but I can’t find other words for it) shone through her for a moment. When she said, “Spread the message ...”, she became even more impelling; I can’t explain it otherwise.

When she says, “Do not be afraid”, it is so dear of her; I never say anything about it to her, but she seems to know very well that I am always such a coward, and that lately (forgive me—it is not nice of me to say so) I was scared to death of you. But not any more; after this message, that fear is gone. Whoever attacks me, I will withstand them. Yes Father, I say this even now, and I hope that this strength will not be taken away from me.

I also want to tell you that when she moved about, the sheep also followed her. I see those sheep just as real as I see sheep in a meadow, with a thick woolen coat. It is an ordinary flock of sheep; it is a funny sight, to see them frolicking all about her. The Cross is always behind her.

Father, it is hard for you to believe all of this, and I prayed so much this year that just once the Lady would let all of you see her as I am allowed to see her, but, alas, it still hasn’t happened. I can’t help it. She ordered me to tell it all to the bishop. Also to the Holy Father, but then I thought, “Lady, how can you say this; you know all too well it will never happen.” It just flashes through your mind. It is strange, but my mind just goes on working as usual. It reacts normally, as if I were talking to someone. You know, in the meantime you just go on thinking—for example, “How is this possible?” or something like that. And it is the same when receiving the messages. I heard very well all the tumult behind my back, too. But it is remarkable, Father, that it doesn’t disturb me and I don’t get confused. It is really as if you are one with the Lady and alone with her.

I think that of all the messages this one made the strongest impression on me, and I will always remember it. You must not think it strange of me, but I am—to put it bluntly—in seventh heaven. When that veil was lifted, I have to tell you, I was in a totally different state, such an exalted state. If I may say so, Heavenly! Please don’t think that I’m being arrogant or something like that. It is the honest truth. I simply can’t stop talking about it, and, as I said, I would like to tell it to everyone.

The last part, too, was so beautiful. When she was talking about that little piece of bread, etc.; Father, priests should have seen this. What a pity. Now I feel such a tremendous respect for them. Not that I did not have one before, but you’ll understand me. How happy you can be, to be a priest. Never regret it. It’s worth the sacrifice. I would like so much to know how I can make myself a little useful now. I would like to do something.

Before the Lady went away, it was so beautiful; she looked at me so lovingly. I have no other words for it, yet a great sadness came over me, and I thought, “Now she is leaving me alone again.” Actually, I shouldn’t talk like that, but you don’t know what
I’ve been through lately. The loneliness and tension have been almost unbearable.

And then that inner conflict the same day. I was afraid that the Lady and you would think I was a coward, and that you would think I was disobedient as well. What to do! I just said, “Lady, now I will do what you are asking me, but I know that it’s disobedient.” Minutes before entering the church, I was still agonizing: to do it or not to do it. G. said, “Come on, stop this wavering; let’s go home. Don’t make such a fuss or we’ll go back home; this back and forth from you—into the church and then not.” And then, before I knew what was happening, from behind a kind of wind or force made me go up the stairs of the church. I only said, “Please, you go first.” They did so, and then I went inside. Then I prayed with the people and kept repeating, “Lady, now I have done what you wanted me to do today; please help me now and grant something to the people who are praying here so fervently. I don’t know what, but please show yourself to them or something like that; just do something for them … please.” It was inspiring to see and hear how devoutly the people were praying. I was deeply touched by it.

I ask you if on Thursdays I may, when it’s possible for me, pray the Rosary with them, or even lead it? With her prayer said in between each decade? I was so inspired when I heard those people. What a coward the Lady will find me, always kindly saying yes and amen whenever you order me to do something. Please forgive my saying that, please don’t take it in a bad way. I am sorry. But later I often thought: what a coward and weakling I was again. Don’t I have to act more according to her wishes? Again, don’t take it in a bad way.

What else can I say about her? I want you to know as much as possible about everything, you see, because I am always afraid that later I’ll forget some of it. That is why this may be a bit elaborate. I hope you don’t mind. At present the world doesn’t interest me at all, but of course that will change—for one is always just a little human being, you know.

Yet I am happy that I put all this in writing for you. I’ll never be able to forget it. How I would have liked to have told all this personally to the bishop, for paper is so cold. Something so beautiful cannot be made beautiful on paper, actually. I keep worrying, though, that I didn’t communicate it well, but I hope that the Lady of All Nations is content with me now.

I’ll continue to fight and to pray for the cause of the Lady—hopefully better and more zealously than ever—that her cause may come to a fast and good conclusion. It can’t happen otherwise. She said so. But you know we are dealing with human beings, unfortunately. If only I could convince them, and if only the Lady would show them everything, they would be so grateful to her. But unfortunately it is not in our hands, but in hers.

O yes, before I finish, I have to tell you quickly: when the Lady was talking about “the miracle of every day”, it was so beautiful, but when she said, “No, nations, not an idea”, she became very vehement, if I may be so bold to say so. It was as if she were protesting against something in the distance. For it was as if she were looking at a huge crowd of people. That was so beautiful.

But I’ll stop now, because you will be quite tired of me. I have told all this truthfully, and I am prepared to take an oath on it; and I will go on fighting and praying for her honour and title, which the Lord—as she herself says—wants to give her in this world. May the Lady of All Nations, then, be our Advocate.
[1] See footnote 1 of Message 1.
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