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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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The Saints became saints because of their closeness to God and a regular prayer life. Many have left us a collection of some of the most beautiful prayers. The idea of praying to the Saints for their intercession is as old as Christianity itself, yet many would challenge this practice. Catholic Answers offers the history of this practice and reasons why it changed at the time of the Reformation.

Below is a list of prayers called of A Treasure of Prayers Related To The Saints from a brilliant website - Catholic Doors

Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla: "O Jesus, I Promise You..."
Blessed Sister Maria Faustina: "O Jesus, Who Filled..."
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta: "Give Us A Heart As Beautiful, Pure..."
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta: "Heavenly Father, You Have Given Us..." (Prayer For The Family)
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta: "The Fruit Of Silentce..." (The Fruit)
Prayer To The Daily Saint: "O Saint N..." (After Mass)
St. Agatha: "Lord God, You Showered..." (Patroness Of Breast Cancer)
St. Albert The Great: "Mother Of Grace..."
St. Albert The Great: "We Pray To You, O Lord..."
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Ah, Lord, How Many Nights..." (Evening Prayer)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Jesus Christ, My God, I Adore Thee..."
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Knowest Thou, Sweet Mary..." (Aspirations To Mary)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "O Holy Patriarch..." (To Saint Joseph)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "O Incarnate Word..." (Dedication To Jesus And Mary)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "O Mary, Conceived Without Sin..." (Aspirations To Mary)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Oh Most Sacred Virgin Mary..." (Acclamations In Praise Of Mary)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Most Holy Virgin..." (Shelter Me Under Your Mantle)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Mother Of My God..."
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "The Beloved Of The..." (To The Incarnate Word)
St. Aloysius: "O Holy Mary, My Mistress..." (To The Blessed Mother)
St. Aloysius Gonzaga: "O Holy Mary, My Mother..."
St. Ambroise: "Lord Jesus Christ, I approach..." (Before Mass)
St. Ambrose" "May The Life Of Blessed Mary Be..."
St. Andrew" "We Humbly Beseech Thy Majesty..."
St. Anne: "Dearest St. Anne..." (Before A Picture Or Statue Of St. Anne)
St. Anne: "Glorious And Holy St. Anne..."
St. Anne: "Glorious St. Anne, Filled With Compassion..."
St. Anne: "Good Saint Anne, Obtain For Me..."
St. Anne: "Good Saint Anne, You Were Especially..."
St. Anne: "Hail Full Of Grace..." (In Honour Of The Blessed Virgin And Her Mother, Saint Anne)
St. Anne: "O Good And Merciful Saint Anne..." (Consecration)
St. Anne: "O Good Saint Anne, So Justly Called..." (For A Sick Person)
St. Anne: "O Good Saint Anne Who Had..." (For Expectant Mothers)
St. Anne: "O Good Saint Anne, You Who..." (For A Sick Person)
St. Anne: "With Love I Come To You..."
St. Anne & St. Joachim: "Good St. Anne and St. Joachim..." (Grandparents Prayer)
St. Anselm: "Mary, I Beg You..."
St. Anselm: "My Most Merciful Lady"
St. Anselm: "Mother Of Salvation..."
St. Anselm: "O Jesus, Son Of God..."
St. Anselm: "O Supreme And Inaccessible..." (In Time Of Spiritual Dryness)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "Dear Saint Anthony, after all these..."
St. Anthony Of Padua: "Dear Saint Anthony, God wants us..."
St. Anthony Of Padua: "Dear Saint Anthony, it is still..."
St. Anthony Of Padua: "Glorious St. Anthony..." (Petition To St. Anthony)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "Mary, Our Queen..."
St. Anthony Of Padua: "O Blessed St. Anthony..." (To Recover Lost Objects)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "O God, Send Forth Your..." (For The Help Of The Holy Spirit)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "O Good And Gentle St. Anthony..." (Prayer # 1)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "O Good And Gentle St. Anthony..." (Prayer # 2)
St. Anthony Of Padua: "O Holy St. Anthony..."
St. Anthony Of Padua: "St. Anthony Of Padua, Glorious For..."
St. Antiochus: "O Holy Spirit, Most Merciful..." (Evening Prayer)
St. Antiochus: "O Only Begotten Son..." (Evening Prayer)
St. Athanasius: "It Becomes You..." (Mary, Mother Of Grace)
St. Athanasius: "It Is Becoming For You, O Mary..."
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "Blessed Virgin Mary..." (Our Lady, Mother of Mercy)
St. Augustine of Hippo: "Breathe Into Me, Holy Spirit..." (To The Holy Spirit)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "For Your Mercies..." (Act Of Hope)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "Give Me Yourself, O My God..." (Act Of Petition)
St. Augustine of Hippo: "Holy Spirit, powerful Consoler..." (For the Indwelling of the Spirit)
St. Augustine of Hippo: "Let The Just Rejoice..." (Prayer of Joy at the Birth of Jesus)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "Lord Jesus, Let Me Know Myself..."
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "My God, Let Me Know..." (Trust In God's Heavenly Promise)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "O Lord My God..." (Seek Good Continually)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "Therefore Once For All..." (Love And Do What You Will)
St. Augustine of Hippo: "Spirit Of Wisdom..." (To The Holy Spirit)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "Too Late Have I Love You..." (Finding God After A Long Search)
St. Augustine of Hippo: "Watch, O Lord..." (For The Sick)
St. Augustine Of Hippo: "You Are Christ..." (You Are Christ)
St. Barnabas: "God Our Father..."
St. Basil Of Caesarea: "O God, Grant Us..." (Deeper Sense Of Fellowship With All Living Things)
St. Benedict: "Gracious And Holy Father..." (For Seekers Of Faith)
St. Benedict Of Nursia: "Father, In Your Goodness..." (Gifts To Seek God And Live In Him)
St. Bernadette" "How Happy My Soul Was, Good Mother..."
St. Bernard: "By You We Have Access To Your Son..."
St. Bernard: "Mary, Our Mother..."
St. Bernard: "Of Your Love, O Mary..."
St. Bernard: "Our Mediatrix And Advocate..."
St. Bernard: "Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary..." (The Memorare)
St. Bernard: "Remember, O Most Loving Virgin Mary..." (Our Lady)
St. Bernard: "Run, Haster, O Lady..."
St. Bernard: "To You We Cry..."
St. Bernard Of Clairvaux: "O Sacred Head..."
St. Bernadette: "St. Bernadette, Little Shepherdess..."
St. Bernardine Of Siena: "O Lady, Since Thou Art..."
St. Bonaventure: "O Mary, May My Heart Never Cease..." 
St. Bonaventure: "Have Mercy On Me, O Lady..."
St. Bonaventure: "Holy Virgin, I Beg Of You..." (For A Peaceful Parting)
St. Bonaventure: "Peace, O Most Sweet Jesus..."
St. Bonaventure: "Virgin Full Of Goodness..." (Abandonment To Mary)
St. Blase: "O Glorious Saint Blase..."
St. Bridget: (15 Prayers)
St. Bridget: "O Blessed Virgin Mary (To Our Lady Of Sorrows)
St. Bridget: "O Lady, By The Love Which..."
St. Brigid Of Kildare: "I Wish I Had A Great Lake..." (For A Heavenly Feast)
St. Camillus: " O Glorious St. Camillus..." 
St. Catherine Labouré: "O, St. Catherine, Who By Your..."
St. Catherine Of Siena: "O Mary, Temple Of The Trinity..."
St. Catherine Of Siena: "Precious Blood, Ocean Of Divine Mercy..." (Precious Blood Of Jesus, To The)
St. Cecilia: "O Glorious Saint, Who Chose To Die..."
St. Charbel Makhlouf: "Lord, Infinitely Holy And Glorified..."
St. Charles Borromeo: "O Holy Mother Of God,..." (For Holy Priests)
St. Christopher: "Father, Grant That I May Be..." (The Christopher Prayer)
St. Christopher: "Dear Saint, You Have Inherited..." (To St. Christopher)
St. Clare Of Assisi: "God Of Mercy, You Inspired..."
St. Clare Of Assisi: "O Glorious St. Clare..."
St. Clare Of Assisi: "O Blessed St. Clare..."
St. Claude De La Colombière: "Lord, I Am In This World To show..." (Despair Prayer)
St. Clement I: "We Beg You, Master..." (In The Name Of The Whole Christian People)
St. Clement Mary Hofbauer: "Oh My Redeemer..." (For True Faith)
St. Columba Of Ireland: "O Lord, grant us that love..." (For God's Light)
St. Cyprian Pf Carthage: "Most Gracious Father, Bless With..." (For Prisoners And Correction Officers)
St. Cyril Of Alexandria: "Father, The Bishop Cyril..."
St. Cyril Of Alexandria: "Hail Mary, Mother Of God... (In Honor Of Mary, Mother Of God)
St. Cyril Of Alexandria: "Hail, Mother And Virgin,..."
St. Cyril Of Alexandria: "We Honour You, O Mary,..."
St. Dionysius Of Alexandria: "God The Father, Source Of..."
St. Dominic: "O God, Who Has Enlighted..."
St. Dominic: "O Wonderful Hope..."
St. Dominic Savio: "O Mary, I Give You My Heart..."
St. Dymphna: "Lord, Our God..."
St. Dymphna: "O God, We Humbly Beseech Thee..." (Patron Of The Mentally Afflicted)
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: "O Father, The First Rule Of..."
St. Elizabeth Ann Seron: "Lord Jesus, Who Was Born For Us..."
St. Ephrem Of Syria: "I Give You Glory, O Christ..." (In Honour Of Christ's Passion)
St. Ephrem Of Syria: "Lord Jesus Christ, King Of Kings..." (For Strength In Weakness)
St. Ephrem Of Syria: "O Immaculate And Wholly-Pure Virgin Mary..." 
St. Ephrem Of Syria: "O Lord, Master Of My Life..." (During Lent)
St. Ephrem Of Syria: "O Virgin, Most Pure, Wholly Unspotted..."
St. Eugene De Mazanod: "God Our Father, We Thank You..." (For Missions)
St. Expedite: "May The Intercession..."
St. Francis: "Gentle St. Francis..." (Respect For Life)
St. Francis De Sales: "Do Not Look Forward..." (Be At Peace)
St. Francis De Sales: "Divine Saviour, We Come To..." (Your Sacred Table)
St. Francis De Sales: "Lord I Am Yours..."
St. Francis De Sales: "Most Holy Mary Virgin Mother Of God..."
St. Francis De Sales: "O Love Eternal..."
St. Francis Of Assis: "Be Praised, My Lord..." (Let Creations Praise The Lord)
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Holy Virgin Mary, There Is None..."
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Lord, Make Me An Instrument..."
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Most High Almighty Good Lord..." (Canticle Of Brother Sun)
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Most Lovable And Popular Saint..."
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Praised Be My Lord..."
St. Francis Of Assisi: "Salutation To The Blessed Virgin Mary..."
St. Francis Of Assisi: "We Adore Thee..." (Adoramus Te)
St. Francis Of Assisi: "You Are Holy, Lord..."
St. Francis Xavier: "Eternal God, Creator Of All Things..."
St. Francis Xavier Cabrini: "Fortify Me With The Grace..." (For Peace Of Mind)
St. Francis Xavier Cabrini: "Almighty And Eternal Father..."
St. Gabriel The Archangel: "Dear St. Gabriel, Celestial Ambassador..."
St. Gabriel The Archangel: "O Blessed Archangel Gabriel..." (For intercession)
St. Gabriel The Archangel: "O God Who From Among All..." (In Honour Of St. Gabriel)
St. Gabriel The Archangel: "O Loving Messenger..." (For Others)
St. Gabriel The Archangel: "O God, Who From Among..."
St. Gemma Galgani: "Grant Me, O Mary..."
St. Gemma Galgani: "Jesus Entrusted Me To His Mother..."
St. Gemma Galgani: "O My Crucified God..."
St. Gerard Majella: "Almighty And Loving Father..." (For Special Intentions)
St. Gerard Majella: "Great Saint Gerard, Beloved Servant..." (For An Expectant Mother)
St. Gerard Majella: "O Good Saint Gerard..." (For Motherhood)
St. Gerard Majella: "St. Gerard, Who, Like The Saviour..." (For A Sick Child)
St. Germanus: "Hail Mary, Full Of Grace..."
St. Germanus: "Most Holy Virgin!..."
St. Germanus: "My Refuge And My Strength..."
St. Germanus: "O Most Honored One..."
St. Germanus: "O Sovereign Queen!..."
St. Germanus: "Our Lady, Your Name Is Our Lady...."
St. Germanus: "Who Could Know God..."
St. Germanus: "Eternal Father, I Offer Thee..." (For The Souls Of Purgatory)
St. Gertrude: "Hail Mary, White Lily..." (Hail Mary Of Gold)
St. Gertrude: "I Salute You Through The Sacred Heart..." (In Honour Of Angels)
St. Gertrude: "O Most Holy Angel Of God..." (Guardian Angel)
St. Gertrude: "O My Most Loving Father..." (Act Of Contrition)
St. Gertrude: "O Sacred Heart Of Jesus..." (Sacred Heart Of Jesus)
St. Gertrude The Great: "O Eternal Father, I Offer Thee..." (Offering Of Precious Blood)
St. Gregory: "It Is Only Right, With All The..." (Easter Prayer)
St. Gregory: "Mary, You Are The Vessel..."
St. Gregory VII: "O Invincible Defender Of The Holy Church..."
St. Gregory Of Narek: "Assist Me By The Wings Of Your..."
St. Gregory Of Nazianzen: "O All-Transcendent God.." (To The All-Transcendent God)
St. Gregory Of Nyssa: "Lord, From You Flows True And Continual..." (For God's Goodness To Us Sinners)
St. Gregory The Great: "O Lord, you Received Affronts..." (Acclaim To The Suffering Christ)
St. Hilary Of Poitiers: "Father, Keep Us From Vain..." (For Perseverance In Faith)
St. Hilary Of Poitiers: "When I Look At Your Heavens..." (Acknowledging That God Is In His Creation)
St. Ignatius Of Antioch: "I Am The Wheat Of God..." (For Martyrdom)
St. Ignatius Of Loyola: "Dearest Lord, Teach Me..."
St. Ignatius Of Loyola: "Lord Jesus Christ, Take All My..." (Dedication To Jesus)
St. Ignatius Of Loyola: "Soul Of Christ..." (Anima Christi: After Communion)
St. Irenaeus Of Lyons: "Father, Give Perfection..." (For Various Types Of Christians)
St. Ildephonsus Of Spain: "Virgin Mary, Hear My Prayer..."
St. Ildephonsus Of Toledo: "I Beg You, O Holy Virgin..."
St. Jerome: "O Lord, Show Your Mercy To Me..." (For Christ's Mercy)
St. John Augustine: "Blessed Virgin Mary, Who Can Worthily Repay You..."
St. John Bosco: "O Glorious Saint John Bosco..."
St. John Chrysostom: "Hail, O Mother! Virgin, Heaven, Throne..."
St. John Chrysostom: "O Lord, My god, I Am Not..." (To Jesus Before Communion)
St. John Eudes: "O Blessed Virgin, Mother Of My God..." (At The New Year)
St. John Damascene: "Today, the root of Jesse has ..."
St. John Newmann: "St. John Newman, Servant Of God..." 
St. John Vianney (Curé d'Ars): "Dear St. John Vianney..." (For Parish Priests)
St. John Vianney (Curé d'Ars): "I Love You, O My God..."
St. John Vianney (Curé d'Ars): "O Most Holy Virgin Mary..."
St. Joseph: "Almighty God, That Trusted..."
St. Joseph: "Blessed Saint Joseph, Husband Of Mary..."
St. Joseph: "Blessed Saint Joseph, Your Intercession..." (In Moments of Anguish and Hardship)
St. Joseph: "Dear Saint, You Are The..." (Patron Of Carpenters)
St. Joseph: "Ever Blessed And Glorious..."
St. Joseph: "Ever Blessed And Glorious..." (The Josephites)
St. Joseph: "Father And Protector Of Chastity..." (For Chastity)
St. Joseph: "Glorious Saint Joseph, Behold..." (For A Happy Death)
St. Joseph: "Glorious Saint Joseph, Foster-Father..."
St. Joseph: "Glorious Saint Joseph, Model Of All..." (For Success In Work)
St. Joseph: "Gracious Saint Joseph, Protect Me..." (For Protection)
St. Joseph: "Happy, blissful Saint Joseph..." (For Strong Faith)
St. Joseph: "Lord, That With Ineffable Providence..."
St. Joseph: "Mighty Head Of Lineage..." (For Good Health)
St. Joseph: "O Blessed Saint Joseph, Faithful Guardian..." (Protector of the Virgin Mary)
St. Joseph: "O Blessed Saint Joseph, Faithful Guardian..." (Protector Of Virgins)
St. Joseph: "O Blessed Joseph, Happy Man..." (Before Mass)
St. Joseph: "O Blessed Joseph, You Gave..." (For A Happy Death)
St. Joseph: "O Blessed Saint Joseph..."
St. Joseph: "O Dearest Saint Joseph..." (Consecration)
St. Joseph: "O Glorious Patriarch..." (To Obtain A Conversion)
St. Joseph: "O Glorious Saint Joseph..." (A Parent's Prayer)
St. Joseph: "O Glorious Saint Joseph..." (Farmer's Prayer)
St. Joseph: "O Glorious Saint Joseph..." (For The Whole Church)
St. Joseph: "O Glorious Saint Joseph, You Are..." (Patron Of Workers)
St. Joseph: "O Great Saint Joseph, You Were..." (Prayer To Know One's Vocation)
St. Joseph: "O God, The Creator Of All Things..." (For Sanctification of Labour)
St. Joseph: "O Holy Joseph, Chaste Spouse..."
St. Joseph: "O Holy Patriarch..." (By Saint Alphonsus)
St. Joseph: "Oh Saint Joseph, Whose Protection..."
St. Joseph: "Remember O Most Chaste Spouse..." (Memorare)
St. Joseph: "Remember O Most Pure Spouse..." (Memorare)
St. Joseph: "Remember Most Pure Spouse..." (Memorare)
St. Joseph: "Saint Joseph, Be Always Our Protector..." (Prayer of Pope John XXIII)
St. Joseph: "Saint Joseph, Father And Guardian..."
St, Joseph: "Saint Joseph, Guardian Of Jesus..." (For Fathers)
St. Joseph: "Saint Joseph, You Have Been..."
St. Joseph: "Saint Joseph, We Come To You..." (The Pallottines)
St. Joseph: "To You Blessed Joseph, We Come..." (By Pope Leon XIII)
St. Joseph: "We Come To You, O Blessed..." (In Time Of Distress)
St. Joseph: "We Speak To You, O Blessed..." (St. Joseph The Workman)
St. Joseph Calasanctius: "Let Us Offer Praise And Thanksgiving.." (Trinitarian Prayer Of Praise)
St. Jude: "Most Holy Apostle..."
St. Jude: "O, Glorious Apostle St. Jude..." 
St. Jude: "St. Jude, Glorious Apostle..."
St. Jude: "St. Jude, Glorious Apostle..."
St. Lawrence Of Brindisi: "Almighty God, For The Glory" (In Honour Of St...)
St. Louis De Montfort: "I A Faithful Servant..." (Consecration To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary)
St. Louis De Montfort: "My Powerful Queen, You Are All Mine..." (For The Spirit Of Mary)
St. Louis De Montfort: "O Mary, My Queen, I Cast Myself..." (In The Arms Of Your Mercy)
St. Louis De Montfort: "O Most Loving Jesus..." (O Most Loving Jesus)
St. Lucy: "Relying On Your Goodness..." (Patron Of Eye Ailments)
St. Macarius Of Egypt: "Lord, Be Merciful Now..." (Towards The End Of One's Life)
St. Macarius Of Egypt: "O Eternal God And Ruler..." (Evening Prayer)
St. Malania The Younger: "I Have Consecrated My Entire Life..." (Pardon For Faults)
St. Mariana de Jesus: "Oh God, Thou Didst..." (To Obtain A Favour)
St. Martin De Porres: "Most Glorious Martin..."
St. Martin Of Tours: "Lord, If Your People Still Have Need..." (To Continue To Fight For God)
St. Maria Of Ravensbruck: "O Saint Maria, While YOu..."
St. Mary Magdalene: "Saint Mary Magdalene, Woman Of Many Sins..."
St. Maximillian Kolbe: "The Day Was Long..." (The Power Of Prayer)
St. Maximillian Kolbe: "We Beseech Thee, O Lord..."
St. Melito Of Sardis: "Born As A Son..." (Praise Of Christ)
St. Methodius: "Your Name, O Mother Of God..."
St. Michael The Archangel: "Defend Us In Battle..." (The Archangel)
St. Michael The Archangel: "Glorious Prince..." (The Archangel)
St. Michael The Archangel: "Glorious Prince Of The Heavenly Hosts..." (For Powerful Aid)
St. Michael The Archangel: "Glorious Saint Michael..." (Help Against Spiritual Enemies)
St. Michael The Archangel: "O Glorious Saint Michael, guardian..." (For Protection Of The Church)
St. Michael The Archangel: "Saint Michael..." (Heart Prayer)
St. Michael The Archangel: "Saint Michael The Archangel..." (St. Michael For Personal Protection)
St. Monica: "Dear St. Monica, Troubled Wife..."
St. Monica: "Great St. Monica, Patroness..." (For Our Children)
St. Monica: "O Glorious St. Monica..." (For Serenity In Adversity)
St. Monica: "Sainted Mother Of Augustine..."
St. Padre Pio: "Stay With Me, Lord..." (After Holy Communion)
St. Paraskevia: "O Holy Paraskevia..."
St. Paschasius Radbertus: "Deign, O Immaculate Virgin..."
St. Patrick: "God Our Father..."
St. Patrick: "As I Arise Today..." (God's Protection And Christ's Presence)
St. Patrick: "Christ, Be With Me..." (St. Patrick's Breastplate)
St. Patrick: "I Arise Today..." (Lorica Of St. Patrick)
St. Patrick: "May The Strength Of God Guide Us..." (For The Faithful)
St. Paul: "O Glorious St. Paul..." (For Patience)
St. Peregrine: "O Great St. Peregrine..."
St. Peregrine: "O God, Pour Into Broken Human..."
St. Peregrine: "O God, Who Gave To..."
St. Peter: "Blessed Apostle Peter..." (For Forgiveness Of Sins)
St. Peter: "O Glorious St. Peter..."
St. Peter Damian: "O Holy Virgin, Mother Of God..."
St. Peter Julian Eymund: "Our Father Who Art In Heaven..." (Our Father Paraphrased)
St. Philip Neri: "Mary, I Love You..."
St. Philomena: "O St. Philomena, Glorious Martyr..." (Cord Prayer)
St. Pius X: "Glorious St. Joseph, Model Of All..." (For Success In Work)
St. Polycarp of Smyma: "Lord God Almighty, Father Of..." (Before Martyrdom)
St. Raphael The Archangel: "O Raphael, Lead Us Towards..." (The Archangel)
St. Raphael The Archangel: "O God, Send The Archangel..." (The Archangel)
St. Raphael The Archangel: "O God, Who In Thy Ineffable Goodness..." (The Archangel)
St. Rita: "Holy Patroness Of Those In Need..."
St. Rita: "O Glorious St. Rita..."
St. Rocco: "O Great St. Rocco..."
St. Romuald: "Father, Through St. Romuald..."
St. Severinus Boethius: "Father, Enable Our Minds..." (For Help To Contemplate God)
St. Simon De Rojas: "O Glorious St. Simon..." (For Those With Speech Defects)
St. Simon Stock: "O, Beautiful Flower Of Carmel..." (Prayer Of St. Simon)
St. Sophronius: "O Mary, Mother Of God..."
St. Sophronius, Patriarch Of Jerusalem: "Truly, You Are Blessed Among Women..."
St. Teresa Of Avila: "Lord, Grant That I May Always..."
St. Teresa Of Avila: "O My God! Source Of All..." (To Redeem Lost Time)
St. Theresa Of The Child Jesus: "O Wondrous St. Theresa..."
St. Theresa: "Dear Little Flower..."
St. Theresa: "Dear Little Flower Of Carmel..."
St. Theresa: "Dear Little Saint Theresa..."
St. Theresa: "Dear St. Theresa, Like You..."
St. Theresa: "Dear St. Theresa, My Patroness..." (To Accept Suffering)
St. Theresa: "Dear St. Theresa, The Beloved..." (To Be A Faithful Servant Of Mary)
St. Theresa: "Govern By All Thy Wisdom..." (For Guidance)
St. Theresa: "How I Love Thee..." (Prayer To The Blessed Virgin)
St. Theresa: "How I Want To Live..."
St. Theresa: "I Adore And Praise Thee..." (Prayer Of Reparation)
St. Theresa: "I Ardently Beseech Thee..." (For A Happy Death)
St. Theresa: "Jesus, Who In Thy Bitter Passion..." (To The Holy Face)
St. Theresa: "Let Us Pray, O Lord..." (To Imitate St. Theresa)
St. Theresa: "Lord Jesus, You Said To Us..." (In Honour Of)
St. Theresa: "O Dear Little Saint..."
St. Theresa: "O Little Flower Of Jesus..."
St. Theresa: "O Little Martyr Of Love..."
St. Theresa: "O My God..." (Oblation Of The Little Flower)
St. Theresa: "O My God, I Offer Thee..." (Morning Prayer)
St. Theresa: "Remember, O Most Gracious..."
St. Theresa: "Saint Theresa, Patronness..."
St. Theresa: "Saint Theresa, Privileged..."
St. Therese Of The Child Jesus: "My Lord And My God..." (Praise To God)
St. Theresa Of The Child Jesus: "O Jesus, Who In Thy Bitter..." (The Holy Face)
St. Therese Of The Child Jesus: "O Little St. Therese Of The Child..."
St. Therese De Lisieux: "Eternal Father, Since Thou..." (Holy Face Prayer For Sinners)
St. Therese De Lisieux" "O Glorious, St. Therese..." (Miraculous Invocations To St. Therese)
St. Therese De Lisieux: "The Depths Of The Love..."
St. Thomas Aquinas: "O Godhead hid..." (Adoro Te Devote)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Almighty And Ever-Living God..." (Before Mass)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Come Holy Spirit, Divine Creator..." (Before Studying)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Creator Of All Things..." (Before Study)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Down In Adoration Falling..." (Tantum Ergo Sacramentum)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Grant Me, O Lord, My God..."
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Lord, Father All-Powerful..." (After Mass)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "O Ineffable Creator..." (Before Study)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "O Mary, Seat Of Wisdom..." (Our Lady Of Studies)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "O Most Blessed And Sweet Virgin Mary..."
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Saint Thomas Aquinas..." (For Catholic Schools)
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Sion Lift Thy Voice And Sing..."
St. Thomas Aquinas: "Virgin, Full Of Goodness..."
St. Thomas More: "Give Me The Grace..."
St. Vincent Pallotti: "Eternal Father, It Is Your Will..." (Apostolic Prayer)
St. Vincent Pallotti: "Immaculate Mother Of God..." (Mary, Queen Of The Apostles)
St. Vincent Pallotti: "Immaculate Mother Of God..."
St. Vincent Pallotti: "Saint Vincent Pallotti, you were molded..."
St. Vitus: "Dear Vitus, The One Thing..."
St. Zita: "Dear Follower Of The Son..."

Moytura has several other sites with a 'Christian flavour'. Prayerful Thoughts & Thoughtful Prayers is a little collection of prayers and thought-provoking stories, and a few links to some other really nice websites. Reflections for Lent offers a daily meditation for the 40 days of lent and the week leading into Easter. As part of my Journey section of the website join me to learn a little of the Early Christian Church in Ireland by visiting Clonmacnoise, founded by St. Ciaran on the banks of the River Shannon in the 6th. Century. Read about Saint Brendan the Navigator who started a Monastic settlement in the tiny village of Clonfert in the 6th century, located on the Galway/Offaly/Tipperary border. Travel on my journeys to two of Canada's most famous Catholic Shrines - Saint Anne de Beaupré and Cap de la Madeleine, both on the shores of the Saint Lawrence river in Quebec. Finally I welcome you to come with me to see a little of Medugorje, a peaceful haven in a war-torn country - Bosnia-Herzogovina. Please also pay a visit to  Moytura's Irish Bookshop where you can find books on the history of Christianity in IrelandIrish Prayers and Celtic Christianity

Below are some of the other areas of Moytura's web site.

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