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Over the Christmas I asked our young lad of 14 what good sports games would he like. He said there was a good BMX game on the market. (BMX being biking stunts and manoevers). Off I went into the Games Arcade and asked them for whatever they had in BMX games. She had two available - BMX Triple X and another one. The first one sounded complicated enough for him so said I'd take it. As she wrapped it she said, "You know this is for over 18's". "Why, sez I"? "Because it is pornography, strippers"! Needless to say it stayed where it was. But I was so shocked that this sort of rubbish is being sold under 'innocent' looking titles to unsuspecting parents who often don't even monitor the games our kids are playing.

On a recent visit to The Sacred Heart House of Prayer in Cookstown, County Tyrone we were lucky to be able to hear The Two Patricks speak and share some of the Messages they are getting from Jesus. Both are married men with families and the younger of the two, Patrick O'Kane, told us a chilling story about Games. He also has a young lad of about 12 or 13 and he plays the Play Station. One evening Patrick happened to go in while he was playing a game. It depicted a woman being cut in half and the triumph of a bunch of demons. Patrick had seen these demons before and it wasn't in a Play Station Game!

Jesus has shown both Patricks visions of Hell, as happens with many visionaries. Patrick O'Kane saw in the demons in his sons game the identical demons he had been shown by Jesus. It raised the question - where are the games designers getting their ideas and inspiration from?

Movie makers are going from bad to worse - glorifying violence, satanic movies, homosexuality, normalising adultery, promoting abortion, focussing on drug-taking and excessive drinking, blasphemy, foul language, pre-marital sex, profanity after profanity. In the 20 century and since the 50's we have been saturated with all that is unholy and it just gets worse and worse. Like television, we have been de-sensitised to all the corrupt and vile things in the world today. Chipping away carefully enough they have left us accepting it all without a word of protest and anything goes nowadays and to be appear normal and acceptable.

Our defenses are down and we have become weak tools in the hands of Satan. Years ago in the UK there was a great woman and I hope she is happy in heaven. Mary Whitehouse was our watchdog, our censor, and was always very outspoken about what was being shown! But she got a hell of a time of it, labelled an old fuddy-duddy who should keep up with the times. Well now we have 'the times' and I don't like them!

Every movie ends up as a video and then the control goes out the window. Unless parents have tight control and really monitor what is being watched in their homes these movies, that have some degree of control when being shown in the cinemas, are freely available to younger members of the family. We all saw the devastating consequences of the Jamie Bolger case in the UK. Two lads of 9 and 10 years of age abducted a 2 year old boy and tortured and murdered him brutally. They had watched Childplay over and over again and this had seeped into their unconscious!

We regularly see children gunning down their school friends or teachers in school playgrounds - where is all this coming from? Parents are allowing Games Consoles and TVs to be their baby-sitters. 'If they are quiet leave them alone' attitudes are ruining young minds. We are abdicating our responsibilities as parents!

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