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The Sanctity of Life
World News Reports
Irish News Reports
Current Pro-Life Report
Life News - Archives
Capital Punishment

Abortion News
Hurt By Abortion
Post-Abortion Healing
Your Baby
Your Stories
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Truths About Abortion
Abortion Consequences
Abortion Techniques
Partial Birth Abortion

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The link to the page below offers links to a selection of almost 100 of the most harrowing pictures ever. The pictures are very disturbing but sadly they are the TRUTH of what we are allowing to happen to our children!!

Abortion Pictures
Abortion Posters
Survivors of Abortion
Uninformed Consent
Maternal Deaths
Health Carer Testimonies
Abortion Scandals
Abortion Prayers

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The following links offer International news reports on what's happening in the abortion, population control, reproduction and sanctity of life arenas. They point to Family and Life, an Irish website.

This page links on to the full article and found on Irish Pro Life News

Time Pressure Big Problem for Newly-Weds, Study Finds
Family & Life’s Project Gets Full Marks!
Political Party, Fine Gael, “Must Return to Christian Roots”
Labour’s Abysmal Showing in Irish General Election
Labour Party Calls For Abortion On Demand Referendum
Commisssion on Assisted Human Reproduction: A Summary of the Issues
New Organisation to Examine Ethics of Stem-Cell Research
Joint Committee's Work on Abortion
An Analysis of the 25th Amendment to the Irish Constitution
Pro-Life Movement Slams Labour Party's Abortion on Demand Policy
"A Victory Only For The Confused" — Comment on Referendum Result
Ireland for Life Legal Challenge to Morning After Pill
Catholic Bishops Issue Statement after Close Abortion Referendum Result
Death of Mr Justice Rory O’Hanlon — Prominent Pro-life Campaigner
“Problems in Society as a Result of Extreme Feminist Ideology”
Labour and Fine Gael Opt for Abortion on Demand in Suicide Cases
Irish Pro-Life Leader on Government’s new Crisis Pregnancy Agency
Irish Pro-Life Spokesman Happy with General Election Result 
Irish Times Columnist Attacks "Big Mac" Feminism Programme for Irish Schools
EU Destruction of Embryos: Ireland ask’s for the “Inclusion of Ethical Guidelines”
in the 6th Framework Programme
Irish Pro Life Groups to Re-Assess Their Neutral Position on Second Nice Referendum
Eminent Irish Pro-Lifer, Senator Des Hanafin, Retires from Seanad
Irish Group Challenges “Apartheid” attitude on Miscarriage
“A Country Fit for Children.Submission to the Crisis Pregnancy Agency”
Irish Courts Insist on Treatment to Protect Life of Unborn Baby
Irish Government Challenged on UNFPA Funding
Don't Remove Suicide Stigma, say Irish Psychiatrists
Family & Life Promote a Nationwide Novena for Life for Ireland’s “Day for Life”
FAMILY & LIFE NEWSLETTER: Personal Update, No. 40 October, 2002.”
Irish MEP’s and EU Abortion Vote
Right to Life Vote More Important than Nice Vote, says Galway For Life.
Cardinal Ratzinger Backed Irish Referendum in March
Ireland Votes for Embryo Research. Ireland Fails to Back Cloning Ban at UN
The Medical Council’s Ethics Committee Sought Submissions for 2003-2008 Ethical Guidelines
“Shocked and Dismayed” by Irish Facilitation of Abortion
Irish Crisis Pregnancy Agency Recommends Contraceptives?
Ireland Applauds US Pro-Life Boost
Posthumous Award for Judge Rory O’Hanlon
Irish Fisheries Money Diverted to Fund Abortion Industry
Irish Welcome for EU Vote Against Cloning
Irish Government Renews Commitment to Fund UNFPA
Sandbaek Report: Adopted by EU, Feb.13 by 254 to 180 Votes.How Irish MEP's Voted
CURA Conference Hears Pro-Life Message
P.D's/Labour Attack MaterCare re. Sandbaek Report
Irish Health Boards Challenged over Abortion Provision
Assisted Human Reproduction Conference. Fr Brendan Purcell’s Modest Proposal
Irish Newspaper Challenges Media Links with Abortion Industry
Assisted Human Reproduction: Facts and Ethical Issues. The Irish Bishops’ Committee for Bioethics
Protection of Embryo — Central Problem, Dublin AHR Conference Hears 

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