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IRISH PRO-LIFE NEWS - July 7th 2003 - Family & Life

Campaign Success Sees Launch of FPA¹s Suspect Booklets Cancelled

Thanks to the campaign of concerned pro-lifers, and the public stance taken by former Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Mr John Bruton TD, the North Eastern Health Board cancelled the launch of three sex education information booklets for young people which were due to be launched in Dundalk. The joint launch, by the NEHB and the Irish Family Planning Association was cancelled, they said, after concern was expressed over the non-inclusion of the legal age of consent for boys in the booklet, 4 Boys. Following the cancellation, Mr Bruton called on elected members to vet the booklets (produced by the Family Planning Association) before any publication. He said ³The booklet failed to mention the highly relevant fact that for a girl under 17 to have even consensual sex with someone over that age constitutes statutory rape on the other person's part². He added, ³I understand the booklet had not even been presented to the elected members of the North Eastern Health Board for approval prior to publication². Irish Times. July 2.

UK's Tiniest Baby Unveiled

A baby weighing just 12 ounces at birth has defied doctor's predictions to survive - and is believed to be the smallest to do so in the UK. Tiny Aaliyah Hart fitted into the palm of her mother Lorraine's hand when she was born on May 27 at Birmingham City Hospital. She was born three months early. Mrs Hart, 37, said: ³I literally cried and cried. I could not believe that something that small could survive². ³She was so tiny but she was so active. Her hands were going, she was her own little person and I cried for a long time. ³She was surviving - that was my main concern². The sheer size of Aaliyah means that her survival is miraculous, says the consultant in charge of her care. Dr Jeff Bissenden said: ³Usually they are miscarriages, but she pushed out this little girl who wriggled around, waved her legs and said, I want to live¹². ³It is amazing that this baby did not die². The smallest on record is a US baby who weighed just 11 ounces at birth. BBC.

Progressive Democrat¹s ³Condom Culture² Slammed

According to Irish Times letter writer, Brian Byrne, ³I don't think too many priests would disagree with Helen Browne's view (June 27th) that sexual activity is ³a healthy and normal way of expressing love and affection - but only within marriage...² He added, ³This is far removed from the hedonistic condom culture that Fiona O'Malley, TD (member of parliament and of small political party in the Coalition Government), seems to condone. It is a culture that has divorced sex not only from procreation, but from love². He pointed out, ²The unbridled sexuality of the past three decades has generated a frightening array of social and medical problems². Irish Times. July 2.

Thousands in Pro-life Rally

Thousands of pro-life supporters met in London¹s Trafalgar Square last week to protest against embryo experimentation, euthanasia and abortion. The Choose Life rally was organised in response to the Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill. Speakers also expressed their concern over ³designer babies² and listened to a requiem for the unborn. Daily Telegraph. June 30.

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

According to Sarah MacDonald of the Irish Catholic, ³There are growing concerns about the sexual habits of Irish young people. The State seems to have nothing to offer them but condoms². She said that there are alternatives however. The promotion of abstinence campaigns in Ireland ³may be laughed out of court by many², but elsewhere in the world, they are taken seriously. In Uganda, they have been an integral part of the country's campaign to combat HIV/AIDS. It is a giant step in the right direction. As one young student wrote to the Irish organisation, Pure in Heart, after a talk in her school: ³I learned from the talk that virginity shouldn't be thrown away. It should be special, not just a one night stand and a couple waking up in the morning with a hangover and regrets². Irish Catholic. June 25.

Peru Reopens Sterilisation Inquiry

A parliamentary panel has reopened an investigation into the forced sterilisation of more than 320,000 rural Peruvian women under the alleged authorisation of Alberto Fujimori. The original investigation against former President Fujimori, who has been in Japan since November 2000, was set aside earlier this year for lack of evidence. The Human Rights Commission says the sterilisations were carried out between 1995 and 2000 in a bid to reduce poverty in Peru. Fujimori faces charges of treason, corruption and authorising death squads, but cannot be tried unless and until he is extradited from Tokyo. Pro-lifers have consistently implicated the UN¹s population division UNFPA, is this horrific scandal. Zenit.

Condom Slogan Ruling: "likely to cause grave or widespread offence"

The Irish Advertising Standards Authority considered one condom manufacturer had gone too far. It agreed with objectors who felt an outdoor advertisement for Durex condoms was grossly suggestive and offensive. The Authority had noted a number of objections about the advertisement. In upholding the complaint in part, the authority said it was important that advertisements should not contain anything that was likely to cause grave or widespread offence. It added that the advertisers being aware that some people were likely to complain about the poster should have sought their advice before publication. Irish Independent. July 1.

Archbishop Describes Latest IVF Plan as a "Nazi experiment"

Plans to use eggs from the ovaries of aborted unborn babies for IVF treatment have been greeted with horror by the public, pro-life groups and many in the scientific community. Fertility experts at a conference in Madrid where the research was announced said the development could ease a global shortage of donated eggs. However, the experiment has also created the prospect of a child whose biological mother has never been born. It also raises fears that female aborted unborn babies could become a highly marketable commodity. Nuala Scarisbrick from Life, said: ³This latest development is sickening. Dead babies cannot give their consent. The scientists should be ashamed of themselves². The Rt Rev Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff, who chairs the Bishops Conference Committee for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship told ICN: ³During the last 18 months scientists working in this field seem to have completely lost their way. This is like going back to the Nazi experiments performed during the Second World War². Independent Catholic News.

Marriage and Family Expert Criticises FPA for "Exploiting Young People"

According to Ireland¹s top marriage and family expert Angela MacNamara, writing in the Irish Independent, ³the North Eastern Health Board (NEHB) is poised to pounce on our children of 10-16 years of age with thousands of colour sex booklets of a crude and vulgar kind. They are entitled 4 Boys - A Below-the-Belt guide to the male body and 4 Girls - A Below-the-Bra guide to the female body. They are partially sponsored by the NEHB but published by the Family Planning Association for their Irish branch². She said, ³They present, in crude and coarse form, questions that are likely to be asked by adolescents. They respond to these with facts and vulgar cartoons advocating the 'anything goes' line of thinking. The educator should aim to bring out the finest powers of mind and body in the human person. These booklets fail abysmally to do so. Shame on the adults who so-exploit young peoples' craving to be cool, trendy and liberal. Get copies and judge for yourself². Irish Independent. July 2.

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