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Freemasonry is a secret, satanic sect with roots going right back to pagan times. However, it is important to note that not all masons are bad - many initiates have no idea or disapprove of the self-seeking criminality and persecution that goes on, mostly at the higher levels. There are many people in the first three degrees of Freemasonry that have no idea what goes on higher up. There are many churchgoers who feel they can be both an active Christian and a Freemason.

It is the work of these higher levels of Freemasonry that are an assault on me, as a Christian, and on my beliefs and it is for this reason that I attempt to create an awareness of what Freemasonry is all about. Their activities affect me in the way I wish to practice my faith, their invasion of my Church has brought about diabolical changes that is to the complete detriment of my beliefs and the sound and solid teachings of Christ. Their high-level involvement in every level of society, particularly in the EU, affect me by their anti-family, pro-abortion, liberalist equality policies being enforced through EU legislation that, as a member state of the EU, overrides our own legislation. Their high-level involvement in business, industry, banking, legislation and government affect me when funding of third world countries caries with it provisos to include population control methods such as abortion.

Freemasonry is an organisation, exclusive to men, that claims to join men together under the guise of a benevolent society that gives out much needed sums of money to all kinds of charities. This is the shelter masons take when questioned, doubted or criticised. What most of the general public and even some masons do not realise is the underlying religious tones are not only in conflict with Christianity, but in some cases openly occultic. Christians need to look seriously at the brotherhood and weigh the evidence carefully.

See what was in the plan of The Permanent Instruction drawn up a few years after the Congress of Vienna, in 1819-20, by the French, Austrian, German and Italian Grand Masters of the Lodges:

"We must turn our attention to an ideal that has always been of concern to men aspiring to the regeneration of all mankind - the liberation of the entire world and the establishment of the republic of brotherhood and world peace. Among the many remedies, there is one which we must never forget: the total annihilation of Catholicism and even of Christianity. What we must wait for is a pope suitable to our purposes because with such a pope, we could effectively crush the Rock on which God built his Church. Seek a pope fitting our description. Induce the clergy to march under your banner in the belief that they are marching under the papal banner. Make the younger, secular clergy, and even the religious, receptive to our doctrines."

(See the page on Freemasonry in the Church)

Freemasonry is not a religious organisation it is a religion with roots that go right back to ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman pagan times. (See the History of Freemasonry) Although freemasonry began in ancient times as an entirely practical enterprise, to satisfy the needs of day-to-day life, the advancement of civilisation soon involved the craft in the construction of buildings for various religious purposes. This intimate and continuing association with moral and spiritual influences naturally encouraged the growth of the speculative aspects of freemasonry, which evolved concurrently with the operative art. The principles, tenets and symbolism of freemasonry emulate those of other religions and the terminology used for their meeting places (temples) and hierarchy leave us in no doubt - Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer & Secretary, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Inner Guard, Chaplain, Almoner, Director of Ceremonies, Steward of Charities, The Early Masonic Catechisms.

Here is an excellent website that gives great detail on the sect, its history, its elite membership, its symbols and initiation rites and levels of hierarchy - Freemasonry Watch

But have no doubt about it - Freemasonry is a secret, satanic sect

The Catholic Church still excommunicates any of its members for being a member of the Masonic Associations and this has been calrified by the Vatican:



It has been asked whether there has been any change in the Church’s decision in regard to Masonic associations since the new Code of Canon Law does not mention them expressly, unlike the previous Code. 

This Sacred Congregation is in a position to reply that this circumstance in due to an editorial criterion which was followed also in the case of other associations likewise unmentioned inasmuch as they are contained in wider categories. 

Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enrol in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion. 

It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would imply a derogation from what has been decided above, and this in line with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation issued on 17 February 1981 (cf. AAS 73 1981 pp. 240-241; English language edition of L’Osservatore Romano, 9 March 1981). 

In an audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal Prefect, the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II approved and ordered the publication of this Declaration which had been decided in an ordinary meeting of this Sacred Congregation.

Rome, from the Office of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 26 November 1983. 
Joseph Card. RATZINGER

+ Fr. Jerome Hamer, O.P.
Titular Archbishop of Lorium

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