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On the surface of it the establishment of the EU was a fine thing in that it brought relative peace to a constantly warring continent. It opened the door to trade links for the weaker and poorer nations in Europe. It brought about stability and prosperity but at what cost? There is a hidden agenda lurking in the background and the EU has become a vehicle for fanaticists, the radical feminist agenda, anti-family policies, the 'culture of death'. Who are these people who steer through legislation that promotes murder, deviant sexuality, a No-God policy?

Gradually we are seeing national sovereignty being overtaken by central control. Here in Ireland we have a constitution based on the laws of God. How many times have we seen it challenged since we became members of the EU. Thanks to the foresight and courage of a man called Raymond Crotty in the 70's we still have the opportunity to challenge changes being made to our constitution at the behest of those with the liberal agenda within Europe and even here at home. But how long will this last? Already the EU is preparing a European Constitution that will most certainly aim to override our own.

There was a recent referendum here in Ireland as the only nation left to ratify the Nice Treaty. When put to the people last year it was defeated. Democratic decision you say? Not so, it was put to the people again because Europe needed it to happen. I wonder how many times they would have put it to a vote until they got their way? No one in government debated the hidden agendas tied in with the Treaty, we weren't told of a secret meeting that took place to draw up a European constitution prior to the Referendum here in Ireland! Why? Because had we known about it there would have been another definite NO! They scheme and meet in secret to get their way. I am pro-Europe but anti-European policy when it affects life, the family etc.

The EU is funded by the member states, our money as tax-payers in each country. Why then did our own Irish Government commit to EU funding for embryonic stem-cell research when it is outlawed and forbidden in our own country and within our own constitution? How dare they spend our money on something we don't agree with!

As voters we have the opportunity to voice our discontent with government decisions but as members of the EU we abdicate that freedom to governments who negotiate on our behalf, informing us when the deal is 'dun'an'dusted'! Here in Ireland we have but one voice crying in the wilderness of Europe and she tries her utmost to keep us ahead of the pack of wolves. But who listens to her? Most certainly not our government or other political parties. She gets no support from Irish politicians in Europe, in fact her support comes mostly from the Conservative party in the UK. Our churchmen listen but do not hear. They most certainly do not speak out in conscience about the evils that are flying at us from Europe.

The separation of church and state is no bad thing in general and our history was one of over-church involvement in the running of government BUT each and every one of our churchmen are citizens of this country too and need to be voicing concerns to us as citizens. Our shepherds have forgotten how to shepherd, or conveniently keep quiet. Whose agenda are they following? Has the EU finally become the New World Order? Has Satan and his minions found a great base from which to work? There is no doubt but that good does come from Europe but is it just a cover for the evil that is spewing out from this huge continent? Our new entrants need to be aware of what is happening and I personally pin my hopes on Poland, the only truly Christian country of the bunch!

Anyone reading this needs to pray constantly for us here in Europe, for European leaders, national governments and those with voices that cry in the wilderness. Our one beacon of hope lives under threat of death because of her outspokeness and courage to inform. What happens in Europe will affect the whole world in some form or another. Examples being European funding to third world nations which carry with it provisos for population control legislation - abortion. The Rapid Reaction Force is nothing but a vast European army set up to match those of the big guys - the US, Russia and China.

Watch this space folks and see where the EU is leading the world.

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