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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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Marcia and Fionna are two sisters originally from County Cork. They came from a devoutly Catholic family of five children and were not particularly religious, just two normal girls. One grotto at Gortaneadin had been constructed by a local family in memory of their daughter and in commemoration of the Marian year of 1954 a second grotto, Rossmore Grotto, was constructed by the parishioners of Inchigeela. The girls' aunt used to bring them for a drive on Sundays and the only prayers the girls said were a quick Hail Mary and the Memorare, taught by their aunt, and at the end of the day when the crowds had left and they waited to be driven home again. This two-weekly outing continued on a regular basis.

On Easter Sunday 1987 they went on their usual drive to the grotto at Gortaneadin and dropped into Rossmore Grotto to say a few prayers when Fionna had her 'first experience'. With eyes fixed on the sky she later told her aunt and a cousin who had travelled with them that day that she saw Our Lady's statue go up into the sky and a beautiful lady came down from the sky dressed like the statue and with doves at her feet. Her experience had no effect on her on her return home and niehter girl changed from their usual ways.

On June 8th of 1987 Fionna again went into ecstacy, telling her aunt and sister afterwards that the lady has called herself Our Lady Queen of Peace. These experiences were to continue. Her parents, fearful for her sanity and not accepting her explanations, sought spiritual guidance. Their Priest told them to remove all religious pictures and objects from the home and stop allowing them to go to the grotto. They sent both sisters off to relatives in West Cork for the summer but the lady continued to appear to Fionna. She asked that they return to the grotto at Inchigeela. Back at school in September the parents decided to allow them to visit the grotto and accompanied them. They saw Fionna got into ecstacy and have been supportive since this.

In 1989 the lady asked that petitions be placed before her so that her son, Jesus, could acknowledge them. One came from a Limerick lady who was thinking of arranging aid to Russia. Their request for guidance was confirmed and since then have been travelling to Russia and the Ukraine. The small group of 8 people called themselves The Mustard Seed and continue their work at the lady's request.

!990 saw an increase in visions for Fionna and in 1993 the lady asked her to go to Limerick to set up a House of Prayer, showing her the exact house in a vision. She told Fionna that she wanted Marcia to give up her job and help Fionna in this work for her. An exhaustive seach had yielded nothing and as they  made their last visit to auctioneers offices before returning home Fionna noticed a picture of a property on a noticeboard similar to that she had been shown by the lady. They went to see it and discovered it was the one shown her. A committee was set in place to help fundraise for the property and on January 20th the girls packed their bages and moved to Doon, living in a mobile home while the work was carried out on the property.

In March 1995 Marcia began receiving inner locutions of messages from Jesus. He calles Fionna and Marcia His Unit. Their mission was to:

  • Spread the messages of Jesus and Mary
  • To pray for the salvation of souls
  • To help Our Lady's children of Russia, her Morning Star.
In 1995 Fionna began recording all the messages and the first book, 'Love & Mercy', was published in 1997. In July of 1995 Our Lady requested that the house be opened for prayer and the Immaculate Heart House of Prayer is open to the Public every day with accommodation for those who would like to stay over. Fionna married Donal Tierney, one of the volunteers, on September 29th 1995 and on April 21st Marcia married Nicholas Mooney, also a volunteer. Both men help their wives in the mission.

In obedience to Jesus and Mary Fionna and Marcie have been asked to 'embrace the darkness'. They travel to speak about the messages of Love & Mercy to all who wish to hear them. The visions and messages continue today. The volunteers continue to support and are now known as Servants of  The Way of the Immaculate Heart.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Fionna and Marcie at:

The Immaculate Heart House of Prayer, The Way of The Immaculate Heart, Gurtavalla South, Doon, Co. Limerick
Phone: 00353 61 380382   Fax: 00353 61 380286 or by email to: 

In conformity to Pope Urban VIIIí Decree and the directives of the Council Vatican II, the author declares not to have the intention to precede the judgment of the Church about the supernatural character of facts and messages related on this page.This judgment belongs to competent authorities of the Church, to whom the author submits fully. Words like « apparitions, miracles, messages » and similar have here the value of human witness.

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