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"Dear Lord we ask you to cover us with Your protection against all harm and evil and to bind every spirit that may come against us. Into Your hands Dear Lord I commend my body, mind, soul and spirit. St Michael the Archangel pray for us"

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On June 26th 1992 a gentleman in Cork experienced a soft, gentle yet insistant voice speaking to him within. He ignored it as imagination yet its insistance caused him to write what he was 'hearing' in a child's school copybook. 'Hearing' is a word he can best describe what he was experiencing as the words seemed to be imprinted on both his heart and his mind. The voice identified itself as 'Jesus'.

First Message from Jesus.

"People of Ireland. Why, why, why?? Why do you seek the answers to your problems from the wrong sources? Did I not send to you the ultimate teacher - the paraclete? Why do you seek answers to your moral affairs from your human lawmakers, from doctors, from psychologists, from the media sources???? I, your loving Lord Jesus, promised to you a teacher. Do you not believe Me? If you do not believe in the paraclete you do not believe in Me. You are then only pseudo-Christains which is a nice name for hypocrites. My Father and I are sad and angry. The precursors of the evil one are trying to lead you astray. For My sake turn back. Trust in Me. Find Me. My Blessed Mother will lead you to Me if you will allow her. My loving Mother introduced Me to humanity in Bethlehem. My loving Mother introduced Me to you at Cana. My weeping Mother introduced Me to you from the foot of the cross at Calvary. I introduced you to My Mother when I cried in my agony "Son Behold Your Mother." My saintly John represented all of you. How sad my John is now!

Oh! How I weep for my Pope! My anointed and appointed beloved shepherd. My poor Pope who is at this time experiencing his Gethsemane. How forsaken he feels. Just as I your Lord did when My Father showed to Me how humanity would feel if He forsook them. He also showed to Me in the wilderness how the evil one would encroach and destroy if humanity forsook him. On the cross when I cried "Father Why Have You Forsaken Me" he again reveals what it will be like to forsake and be forsaken. My poor Pope. The sheep have stopped bleating. The lambs do not know where to turn to. My sheep (priests and nuns) why do you not bleat? Why do you not speak out My word, My law??

Has the paraclete changed My Father's law? No! Bleat My sheep and gather my lambs (people) into your pens. Let My precious shepherd My Pope then bring them all together in the pen of love, the pen of joy, the pen of peace (My church). Help My John Paul by your obedience and by your prayers. Save him from the mortal wound that Satan wishes to inflict.

Satan is smacking his lips and the faintest smile is crossing his face. Turn back now My beloved people, for if Satan laughs you will never witness such a horrific sound. Many other peoples have heard it. I have other plans for you. My Father's plans. You have Me weeping but I love you all. Know that I am with you. Your Loving Jesus."

Not knowing what to do next he brought the first message to a holy priest-friend of his and rather than castigating him as having a great imagination or of having hallucinations her read and believed. This Priest told him to pray like he'd never prayed before and to return if the experience repeated itself. The next time he 'heard the voice' was on July 7th 1992. This was to be the first confirmation for Denis that something extraordinary was happening.

The second message stated:

"Do not make hermits of yourselves. Do not hide your lamps under bushels. Let the world know that the time of My arrival is close at hand. I need you to help Me to gather My lambs. You are My holy instruments. You are My new apostles. Teach as the Holy Spirit guides you. Speak from your hearts rather than from your tongues. Every word from a pure heart falls as sweet honey on a bitter soul. Every sentence from a pure heart dilutes that bitterness. Every parable from the pure heart smothers that soul in a heavenly sweetness and direct to to My Father. Be brave, strong and trusting. Know that I am with you. Your loving Jesus."

( A little later)

"It is I your Jesus who speaks to you. Trust Me. I shall not let you go astray. Do you not realise what is about to happen? Now is the time to turn back. Later will be too late. It is folly to wait for the masses to move first. Individually is the way to your redemption. Go now and spread My word. Your Loving Jesus."

Shortly afterwards a nun came into his life who was to open the door to another priest, now his Spiritual Director. The messages have continued and repeatedly ask the very same requests as most of the other modern-day inner locutionists, seers and visionaries - turn our hearts back to God. Much emphasis is placed on the way the Church has turned her back on the teachings of Christ, how we have become caught up in materialism, humanism and drifted away from the solid foundations of faith that kept us going throughout the difficult times of persecution, invasion, occupation, famine etc.

The messages continue to this day and Denis has been led all over Ireland to speak to those 'with eyes to see and ears to hear'. In 2000 he published all the messages given to him up to that time and has a second booklet coming out shortly. All he asks is that people would read them with an open mind. You can read them online up until September 1998 at:

A free copy of the little booklet called 'Come Let Us Adore Him' can be obtained by writing to:

Denis O'Leary, 3 Trabolgan Road, Whitegate, Midelton, Co. Cork, Ireland.  Phone: 00353 21-4661046

or  Email 

In conformity to Pope Urban VIIIí Decree and the directives of the Council Vatican II, the author declares not to have the intention to precede the judgment of the Church about the supernatural character of facts and messages related on this page.This judgment belongs to competent authorities of the Church, to whom the author submits fully. Words like « apparitions, miracles, messages » and similar have here the value of human witness.

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