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The link to the page below offers links to a selection of almost 100 of the most harrowing pictures ever. The pictures are very disturbing but sadly they are the TRUTH of what we are allowing to happen to our children!!

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Of all the sins, and undoubtedly induced abortion is wrong,  this is probably the only one where society must take some or all of the blame. As a child I was taught about ‘venial sins’ and ‘mortal sins’, and somehow the little venial ones always seemed to be ‘OK’! Now we speak of sin or wrongdoing to cover everything that goes against the laws of God and Man. But every now and again the Laws of God and Man separate and abortion is just one of those areas.

The murder of babies - born and unborn - is the surest sign of a nation's depravity, wickedness and loss of humanity.

Isaiah 5:20 warns, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness."

Mathew 18:10 warns, "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven."

For the blood of all such innocents so murdered, does not Heaven shed a tear?

Thomas Jefferson said, "GOD who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a convictions in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of GOD?  That they can not be violated but with HIS Wrath?  Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that GOD is just; that HIS justice cannot sleep forever."

Abortion has consequences for more than just the woman/girl involved. The father of the child also loses a son or daughter. Some men are not even aware they have lost a child. Some do not want their child aborted. Some know and don't care. The grandparents of that aborted baby lose a grand child. The siblings of the aborted baby lose a brother or sister.

Many fathers are complicit in pressuring the partner into having an abortion and use blackmail tactics and threats of abandonment if she refuses. Who commits the greater sin here? He does! Her sin is in her weakness to refuse, fear of rejection or abandonment. His sin is forcing and often arranging a murder and in failing in his responsibilities as a father. For those men in this situation, I say, go visit the Your Baby page and come to terms with the wrong you instigated. Recognise your son or daughter and seek its forgiveness.

The parents of the pregnant girl or woman lose a grandchild. Some parents procure the abortion for their daughter against her heartfelt wishes, surely we are big enough to be able to help her through it all and either assist her in caring for the child or placing it for adoption into the home of the many who long to have children?

The parents of a pregnant girl who offer abortion as a quick and easy solution to the ‘problem’ are guilty of sin not the child they forced into having an abortion. Abortion is never a solution and more often than not has dire consequences. Our children look up to us for guidance and support, they should not be given advice to murder. We have 6 children, two of them are daughters, both of whom were unmarried mothers. I thank God that abortion was never an option for them and I thank God for the good men they married, both of whom have accepted my beautiful grand daughters and love them dearly as their own. For those parents who advised or supported abortion I say – go check out the Your Baby page and visit with your grandchild, seek its forgiveness and come to terms with the great harm you did.

Society carries much of the blame for the mass murder of innocent children. Embryologists have now proven that the foundation of the genetic structure and future organs of the new life is laid down at the first cell division of the fertilised ovum. By 8 weeks the baby is now fully formed and it is not the ‘blob of tissue’ we are told it is. Granted, life is not viable outside the womb until at least 25 weeks gestation but that is the sole purpose of the female reproductive system – the carrying and nurturing of new life. Doctors – STOP LYING - be truthful to those who seek abortions. Go back and renew your Hippocratic Oath you took to preserve, maintain and save lives.

The radical feminist movement carries the blame for the mass murder of innocent lives. Where is your feminist voice and support for your sisters when Indian and Chinese women are forced to abort or abandon their female babies? Where is your voice and support for your sisters when women die as a result of abortion? Your silence is deafening! I was most heartened to come across a Feminist Pro-Life website called Feminists for Life that openly declares against abortion and writes extensively about the damage abortion does to their 'sisters'.

Our Education Systems must carry the blame for the mass murder of innocent lives! Counselling services at schools, colleges and universities provide counselling support for students who become pregnant. On the surface this looks a good thing but what do they really counsel - ABORTION! No creches, no support to continue studies, comments from school principals or teachers like 'sorry but you have to leave our school if you want to have the baby and when you start to show'! Send your students to before you advise them to murder their children!

The United Nations carry the blame for the mass murder of innocent lives with its pro-abortion policies included within its funding criteria. Defenders of  Human Rights seem to conveniently forget the little human life waiting to be born. I am ashamed to say that the former Commissioner of Human Rights is an Irish woman who openly and publicly advocates abortion. Is it not ironic that the former Commissioner for Human Rights condones the global mass murder or our unborn generations?

The EU carries the blame for the mass murder of innocent lives! Its anti-family, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia. anti-life policies are spreading like a virus throughout its member states. To be a member of the EU is to be a member of ‘The Culture of Death’. Ireland is the only member state where our people have the right to vote on Treaties through referenda. On October 19th we went the polls to ratify the Nice Treaty. We passed it with a YES vote, now we await all the so-called 'human rights' legislation that will flood in from Europe!

National Governments carry the blame for the mass murder of innocent lives! Chinese population control policies are beginning to ‘reap their reward’ in a worrying way. YES their policies will work handsomely because in less than 2 generations China will be a nation of OLD MEN and may well find themselves on the edge of extinction! Look at the massive social problem facing them! Nature is delicately balanced and interference on a scale this size can only have dire consequences.

Abortion hurts every one concerned, it diminishes humankind, it upsets that delicate balance of nature and it leaves in its wake anger, remorse, recriminations and guilt. Of all the medical procedures it is possibly the only one where a woman gives consent without full knowledge of the facts – uninformed consent. Rarely is the woman, and I use the term to include all age groups concerned, told of the possible consequences – guilt, depression, physical and psychosomatic infertility, risks of suicide, future problems in relationships or marriages.

New Zealand abortion clinics are returning foetal remains to women after their abortions, claiming that this is simply a part of fully informing women about their treatment. However, some women — like a 16 year old who "held [the foetus' severed] little hand in her fingers" — fail to cope with the shock of discovering identifiable body parts. Oh how cruel to that woman/girl who genuinely thought the foetus to be a 'blob of tissue' as she had been told and who then discovers the remnants of a tiny human being! It's time for some truth here!

We are beginning to see litigation against abortion clinics for their neglect to fully inform women of the possible consequences of abortion. Let the flood gates open, I say, and we might see a slow-down of the numbers of murdered children or the closure of  these very lucrative ‘businesses of death’!

I read of the closure of several abortion clinics in the UK where a small group of people gathered outside for 15 minutes or so a day and just recited the Rosary for the clients and staff of the clinics. No Banners! No Shouting! No Parading! No Fanatics! Just a small candle and a quiet time of prayer. For no apparent reason these clinics closed their doors to business. Now that’s the real Power of Prayer in Action!!

Read our page on Hurt By Abortion and if you have been hurt by abortion we'd love to share your personal experience with others who may be in the same situation but fear they are the only one going though the traumatic aftermath. Use the form to tell us Your Story and it will be placed into the Abortion Stories page for all to read. You will have complete confidentiality with just your country named and your Christian/first name or an alias if you wish to use one. Just added is a page with links to Rachel's Vineyard, a most successful service offering healing for those who are post-abortion - mean and women, parents, grandparents and siblings.

We've just added a new section on abortion offering the reader the TRUTH about this Industry of Death. There are pictures available that are far from pleasant but they portray the AWFUL REALITY of abortion. We also have a page linking to pictures as posters which can be printed and given out to others. Hear from some Survivors of Abortion and read the Testimonies of health care workers have turned their back on the abortion mills and turned their focus on God' work and not that of satan! All the links can be found above.

This is the 'creative hand of God' destroyed by the 'creative hand of man'! Oh, what good this hand could have done - saved lives, educated, legislated, governed, discovered, or maybe even rocked the cradle of a new generation!

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