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The link to the page below offers links to a selection of almost 100 of the most harrowing pictures ever. The pictures are very disturbing but sadly they are the TRUTH of what we are allowing to happen to our children!!

Abortion Pictures
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If these was the headline in every paper around the world I wonder what would be done about it? We hear and read news reports about those dying from starvation in Africa, those murdered through civil war, deaths from AIDS and other diseases, deaths from natural disasters but ne're a word about the whole scale genocidal attrocities that are happening legally every day in clinics all over the world - the murder of innocent children!

I find it so 'amusing' when pro-life groups are banned from showing pictures of the truth in public places yet we can see pictures of war, death, destruction, depravity and violence everywhere. Why the sensitivity to pictures that show what is really going on everywhere? Where are our 'free-speech' advocates? 

Where is the 'feminists' voice when women in India and China are forced into having abortions? Where is their voice when these children are their own sisters because the male child is of 'more value'?

I avoided placing anything that might 'offend' in this section of the website, but with hindsight, perhaps it is time to show the reality, if only in an attempt to save just one child. People worry about children when they use the internet and, as a mother, I concur. But at what age is sex education being given to our children in schools? Is their education including the use of contraception as safe-sex? Does this not condone pre-marital sex and as much as give our kids carte-blanche to go ahead anyway? Does it not lull kids into a false sense of security? If children can be taught about sex from 10 years of age, the hows etc. then they should also be aware of the consequences - STDs and ABORTION.

Contraception has been freely available for over 30 years now so why are there still so many un-planned pregnancies ending in abortion? Is it not coincidental that the rise in sexually transmitted diseases is so marked in the lat 30 years or more? 

I was delighted to read about the campaign in the US for chastity and holding onto virginity until marriage! This will put the contraception industry and the abortion industry in a spin and their counter-attacks will indeed be fierce.

As a committed Christian I can no longer adopt the 'ostrich in the sand' approach to this most evil of 'legal clinical procedures' and feel that more people should be speaking out. For this reason I have decided to link to pictures that are THE TRUTH, like it or not. This is what we are doing to our future generations, 50 million of them every year! The pictures are far from pleasant, in fact they are downright distressing, but I make no apology for showing them - they are TRUTH!

Here also are links to small 'posters' which you can print and distribute to others. They are freely available from:

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