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The link to the page below offers links to a selection of almost 100 of the most harrowing pictures ever. The pictures are very disturbing but sadly they are the TRUTH of what we are allowing to happen to our children!!

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Below are short descriptions of the so-called medical procedures or techniques used to abort children. We have also added over 90 Images of the REALITY OF ABORTION. They are gruesome, they are horrible, they are devastating, they made me weep and sick to my stomach putting them up, but because of all that they made me more determined than ever to show the TRUTH!

Partial-Birth Abortion:

Used 4½ to 9 months. The pre-born baby is rotated and delivered feet first, except for the head. The back of the neck is punctured with scissors and suction is used to suck out the brain and collapse the skull. The dead baby is fully delivered. See our page on Partial-birth Abortion


Used in the first three months of pregnancy. A suction tube, 27 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner, is inserted into the opening of the womb. The powerful suction tears the baby apart limb from limb.

Dilation and Curettage (D&C):

Used at the end of the third month of pregnancy (approx. 12 weeks). The mother’s cervix is dilated, ring forceps are inserted into the womb and the baby is extracted piece by piece. Then a curette (a sharp knife with a loop shape) is inserted and used to scrape away any of the baby or the placenta that remains. Profuse bleeding follows.

Dilation and Extraction (D&E):

Used after 13 weeks. The mother’s cervix is dilated and the live, preborn child is dismembered with pliers-like forceps. With a twisting motion, the baby’s body is torn apart, the spine is snapped and the skull crushed. Baby parts are often left inside the mother’s womb, causing serious complications and sometimes death to the mother.

Saline Amniocentesis:

Done after 16 weeks. A concentrated salt solution is injected with an amniocentesis needle into the amniotic fluid. The baby breathes and swallows it and dies more than an hour later of acute salt poisoning. The mother then delivers a burned, dead baby. Use has declined because of dangers for the mother – and sometimes the baby survives.


Used late-term. A substance is injected into the amniotic sac, to cause premature labor and birth.

Inter-cardiac Injection:

Poison is injected into the chest or heart of the baby via a long needle inserted through the mother’s abdomen. The dead baby is absorbed. Sometimes this results in loss of all the babies during “pregnancy reduction” in multi-fetal pregnancies.

“Birth Control” Abortions:

RU486, methotrexate, Norplant, IUDs, prostaglandins and Depo-Provera all cause early chemical abortions. The Pill has a “backup” abortifacient action if conception takes place.

Stealth Abotions:

The destruction of unused embryos! What happens to the surplus embryos? There are only two options for the surplus embryos -- those that are not implanted in the woman's uterus: Most often, the spare embryos are deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen. This is called "cryopreservation."  Of the 232 labs who returned surveys to a US government survey, 215 (94.7%) have the equipment to preserve embryos.

Their fate is mixed:  Some die during the freezing process; some die while being thawed. They may eventually die because of operator error or equipment malfunction. If the original attempt at IVF fails to produce a pregnancy, then some embryos may be thawed out and a second implantation attempted. Probably about three out of four of these thawed embryos will die without developing into a fetus. Probably fewer than one in four will develop into a fetus and a newborn. Some embryos will probably lose their ability to induce a pregnancy over time. One source says that about 25% of frozen and thawed embryos do not survive between a first and second impregnation procedure. Another source says that some frozen embryos might survive for decades.

The remaining options lead inevitably to the death of the embryos. They have no chance of living or developing into a newborn. Many clinics simply discard or destroy these embryos. Some embryos are simply flushed down a sink drain while alive. Some are transferred to a medical waste bin where they are later incinerated, while alive. Some simply expose the embryos to the air and let them die naturally; this normally takes up to four days. Still other embryos are donated for research and experimentation, for personnel training, or for diagnostic purposes.

Pro-choice groups, those men who would argue it is the 'woman's choice', and those who prefer to bury their heads in the sand over the abortion issue, and, yes, even some pro-life folk argue ferociously against the use of photograpic images of the Truth About Abortion! Yet our TVs continually show images of war, starvation, massacres, violence, murder and no one bats an eyelid. A picture tells a thousand stories so we've added over 90 Images showing exactly what abortion is - this is the REALITY and if, by showing them, the life of just one child is saved, then much has been achieved.

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