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Cerridwen's Story

When I was 19, I got pregnant. My boyfriend's grandma who we lived with told me to abort. I didn't want to, but she kept telling me how young I was and how I didn't have the means to support a baby. For some reason, I listened to her arguements that it was only a piece of cell, not really human... I ended up getting it done. Sadly, but I can't hide this, I ended up getting a second abortion (same boyfriend) a year later. I felt numb about it, using his grandma's thoughts that it was okay, that it was good to be done. I've thought about it since, (I'm 32 now, no kids), but after seeing these pictures and reading.. and knowing just what I did by my horrible choices, I feel so bad. Words can't describe how horrible I feel. I wish I could take it back and give them up for adoption. I look at my boyfriend now (not the same guy)... and one of the pics had HIS birthyear on it.. My heart stopped and all I could whisper was.."thank god your mum never did that to you... I wouldn't have your love today if she had." 

All I can tell those who are pregnant today is to please put the baby up for adoption. You don't know who that child is to grow up to be. For all I know, I may have kept the world from the person who was to stop AIDS or cancer! Being pregnant is not the end of the world.... but abortion could very well cause the end of the world. Think on what I just said a few lines up. You can't make a choice for abortion and rightfully say you did it for yourself.. you only chose to stop the future for everyone else who would have known that child. Think of the butterfly effect. 

Please just adopt your baby out. Don't deny our future their doctors, lawyers, kings, queens, construction workers and so on.

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