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!!!!!  WARNING  !!!!!

The link to the page below offers links to a selection of almost 100 of the most harrowing pictures ever. The pictures are very disturbing but sadly they are the TRUTH of what we are allowing to happen to our children!!

Abortion Pictures
Abortion Posters
Survivors of Abortion
Uninformed Consent
Maternal Deaths
Health Carer Testimonies
Abortion Scandals
Abortion Prayers

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Ask any audience around the world whether they have seen any kind of surgery on television and most will agree that they have. But if you ask that same audience how many have seen an abortion on those same networks, none raise their hands. Yet abortion is the single most frequently performed surgery in America, the UK and many, many other countries. Some claim it is legitimate medicine, and in fact an integral part of women's health. Under the veil of euphemism and abstract language we hear words like 'products of conception', embryo, etc. when they should be saying child or baby. The pictures shown from the first two links below will attest to that. These are the pictures that the abortion industry do not want the world to see and will go to any lengths to stop them being shown. There is an even more fundamental and troublesome question to ask, and that is:

Why do so many people who oppose abortion also oppose letting it be seen for what it is? !!!!!

The links on this page will show the evil, harrowing, true reality about abortion. The pictures are shocking, ugly, vile, unbelievable and rotten but they are the TRUTH that cannot be denied, as much as pro-choice folk or abortion clinics try to white-wash this evil industry. If just one child's life can be saved by showing these pictures then much will have been achieved!

Some websites warn children not to view pictures about abortion but, to my mind, if 10-12 year olds are taught about sexual activity and the use of contraception, and are old enough to experience sexual activity as many, many have at that age, then they are certainly old enough to know about the consequences of abortion, the solution offered to them should a pregnancy result.

I make no apology whatsoever for placing these pictures on this website even though I was really nauseous doing the pages, however I DO WARN of the harrowing and disturbing nature of them. Even to me, a nurse all my working life, they left me sick to my stomach that any government could allow such appalling destruction of its own citizens! Even animals in a slaughter house get a more 'humane' death than the world's aborted babies!


First Trimester Abortions

There are 56 pictures in this series of photographs of aborted, first trimester babies sorted by age in weeks. All have been verified as being consistent with the stated gestational age by various doctors and pathologists who have examined the remains of aborted children. They were taken from the Priests for Life website and medical verification of each picture can be found from their own picture collections.

Second & Third Trimester Abortions

There are 37 pictures in this section of photographs of aborted babies, most killed in the second and third trimesters and some under the partial-birth abortion method. Please be warned that these are some of the most gruesome images I have ever seen. Horror movies couldn't reproduce this satanic and diabolical horror of the reality of abortion!

The Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) Abortion Procedure

Partial-Birth Abortion Diagrams

The story and photo of Baby Malachi

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