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Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Dr. Bernard Nathanson was co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws -- NARAL -- later renamed the National Abortion Rights Action League. He was also the former director of New York's City's Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health, then the largest abortion clinic in the world. In the late 1970's he turned against abortion to become a prominent pro-life advocate, authoring Abortion America and producing the powerfully revealing video, "The Silent Scream." Dr. Nathanson is currently Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at New York Medical College and a visiting scholar at Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Liley

Dr. Liley, who did the first fetal blood transfusion in the womb, said that seven days after fertilization:

". . . the young individual, in command of his environment and destiny with a tenacious purpose, implants in the spongy lining and with a display of physiological power, suppresses his motherís menstrual period. This is his home for the next 270 days and to make it habitable, the embryo develops a placenta and a protective capsule of fluid for himself. He also solves, single-handed, the homograft problem, that dazzling feat by which foetus and mother, although immunological foreigners who could not exchange skin grafts nor safely receive blood from each other, never the less tolerate each other in parabiosis for nine months.

"We know that he moves with a delightful easy grace in his buoyant world, that foetal comfort deter-mines foetal position. He is responsive to pain and touch and cold and sound and light. He drinks his amniotic fluid, more if it is artificially sweetened, less it if is given an unpleasant taste. He gets hiccups and sucks his thumb. He wakes and sleeps. He gets bored with repetitive signals but can be taught to be alerted by a first signal for a second different one. And, finally, he determines his birthday, for unquestionably, the onset of labour is a unilateral decision of the foetus.

"This, then, is the foetus we know and, indeed, we each once were. This is the foetus we look after in modern obstetrics, the same baby we are caring for be-fore and after birth, who before birth can be ill and need diagnosis and treatment just like any other patient." A. Liley, "A Case Against Abortion," Liberal Studies, Whitcombe & Tombs, Ltd., 1971

Joan Appleton

Joan Appleton was the head nurse of an abortion faculty in Falls Church, Virginia

Dr. David Brewer, Abortionist

Here's an excerpt from Dr. David Brewer's experience when he performed abortions.

"I remember as we made the incision in the uterus, to see the baby move underneath the sack of membranes as the Caesarian incision was made before the doctor broke the water. The thought came to me, my God, thatís a person! At that instant he broke the water and I had that terrible pain in my heart. He delivered the baby and I couldnít even touch it. I wasnít much of an assistant; I just stood there and the reality of what was going on finally began to seep in to my callused brain and heart. We simply took that little baby that was making little sounds and was moving and kicking and set it on the table in a cold stainless steel bowl. Every time I would look over, while we were repairing the incision in the uterus, I would see that little person kicking and moving in that bowl. It kicked and moved less and less as time went on. I can remember going over and looking at that baby when we were done with surgery and the baby was still alive. You could see the chest moving as the heart beat and the baby would try and take a little breath."

Joy Davis

Joy Davis thought power was managing six abortion mills

Carol Everett

"We had one guy called in from the Bahamas because they suddenly started picketing his office, and his partner didn't know he did abortions in the clinics. At their private homes, many times their wives do not know they do abortions. Many times their mother-in-law doesn't know they're doing abortions. Many times the maid doesn't know they're doing abortions. Their neighbors, of course, rarely know. But that's the most effective thing. Picket them where they live."

Deborah Henry

"At that time, I was pro-choice, or pro-abortion as now I would say it, and I didn't really think much about what abortion was. I used to think of abortion as eliminating a problem, instead of killing a baby."

Dr. McArthur Hill

"Now that I've painted such a nice picture, and that was a nice warm response, I've told you who I am. Now I'm going to stand here and tell you that I am a murderer. I have taken the lives of innocent babies and I have ripped them from their mothers' wombs with a powerful vacuum instrument. And when they were too big to do it in that way, I've injected a concentrated salt solution into the bag of waters to slowly and painfully poison them, and then to cause labor to follow."

Dr. Paul Jarrett

"It was my job to go to the ward and pick up the dead baby from the labor bed and make sure the placenta had all come out. This was my least favorite duty as a resident, and again I concluded there had to be a better way."

Lorraine LaNeve

"I began my involvement in the abortion industry in 1976 after responding to an employment advertisement in the local newspaper. It called for a licensed nurse who was looking for part time work and at that time I was tired of leaving my family on weekends and holidays."

Dr. Anthony Levatino

"As a physician in Troy, NY, I performed abortions in my office for eight years. I believed it was "pro-woman" to provide this option. While abortion was never a major part of my practice, as time went on it caused me more and more conflict."

Dina Madsen

"I went to work for a Sacramento abortion mill in the first week of September 1990. Before then, the word "abortion" had seldom passed through my mind, and I had no concept of what one actually was. I had lived a "dysfunctional" life and the sacredness of human life was not something I thought of much."

Dr. Joseph Randall

"I praise God every day for the miracle that I am here. I think it is a miracle of forgiveness. I think if I have used one term in my life that has meant more to me, it's that a man can do 32,000 killings and still stand up here and tell about it and change his whole life to now support babies, and support their lives instead of taking them. I think it just shows that true love never fails and always forgives."

Kathy Sparks

"So I went down and had a very intense interview. Let me tell you, as all of the former abortionists will tell you, that they really want to make sure that you are pro-choice before they hire you, and I really was. I did not have to convince them; it was obvious. They did put me through a second interview, however; they wanted to make doubly sure that they were hiring someone who was pro-choice."

Nita Whitten

"I'm going to share some things with you today that I saw happen when I worked at the clinic. I'm going to share with you my own personal testimony of the abortions that I have personally had, and then I'm going to tell you about a miracle. And I believe in miracles. Miracles haven't stopped and God's not dead, and the devil is defeated."

Norma McCorvey, alias "Jane Roe" - Roe v Wade

Norma McCorvey (alias "Jane Roe") of the infamous Roe v Wade case in January 1973 is probably one of the most significant challenges to abortion ever but little has been written about her change of heart and conversion. Why? Because it might just bring about a change in the hearts of others were the media to write too much on the subject.

Norma's road to conversion started in 1995 when the controversial pro-life group, Operation Rescue, moved in next door to the abortion clinic where she was working at the time. A little girl's affection, a mother's trust, and a gregarious man's friendship surprised Norma, and eventually led her to consider the love, forgiveness, and hope offered by Jesus Christ.

Norma's ensuing conversion shocked the world. The picture of her baptism made headlines in international newspapers. "The poster child for abortion just jumped off the poster," one pro-lifer said, "and into the arms of Jesus Christ."

Norma runs the Roe No More Ministry which continues to be a non-denominational ministry, but Norma's faith journey eventually brought her to the Roman Catholic Church. On June 15, 1998, Norma publicly announced her intention to join the Catholic Church, and was received into the Church on August 17, 1998 by Fr. Frank Pavone, the International Director of Priests for Life and Fr. Edward Robinson, OP with St. Albert's Dominican Priory, Dallas, TX (Editor,

What the Nurse Saw and Heard

Read the harrowing story about the experiences of a nurse working in a clinic that performs partial-birth abortions:

"The doctor opened up the sissors in the back of the baby's head, stuck a high-powered suction tube into the opening and suctioned the baby's brains out ..........."

Sandra Cano

Sandra Cano is the "Mary Doe" of the 1973 Supreme Court case Doe v. Bolton--the companion case to Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. What is not well-known is that Sandra never had, wanted or believed in abortion. Sandra was a pawn in the hands of a feminist idealogue.

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